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   Chapter 589 Angry Girl

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Tia's eyes were so beautiful that it looked as if they were the clear waters of autumn. The mesmerizing colors swirled in her orbs, charming anyone who happened to gaze upon them.

Even if Zen was in a fully conscious state and looked straight into her eyes, he would be too nervous to know what to do with his heart pounding strongly in his chest.

If a fiery dragon weren't approaching, Zen would be able to fully appreciate her beauty, however, the fiery dragon could rush in any time. It wasn't a good moment to admire the woman.

"Hey, hey!" To wake her up, Zen tried to shake Tia by the shoulders twice.

However, Tia seemed to be in a fully unconscious state. All she could do was to barely use her left hand to transmit the life vitality to drive phoenix feather in the ice column with her right hand touching Zen's cheek gently.

Her cold, wet, little hand caressed Zen's face, delivering the primitive desire in her heart.

Slowly, Zen swallowed, still in a daze. 'God knows why this happened.'

As he tried to say something to wake her up, she suddenly placed her fingers into his mouth.

When Zen felt Tia's cold fingers and caught the cool, sweet smell of her sweat, his mind fell back into a disturbed state.

As an inexperienced young man, Zen couldn't resist this kind of temptation, even in a conscious state—he couldn't help kissing her white, fine fingers that looked like thin roots of scallion.

At this moment, the fiery dragon spirit at the mouth of the cave roared fiercely before rushing back into the cave.

The rumbling roar abruptly woke Zen from the semi-conscious state. As a result of the urgent situation, he bit Tia's fingers on instinct.


Because of the stabbing pain in her fingers, Tia recovered from the coma and withdrew her right hand in an instant. Simultaneously, a lot of life vitality released by her right hand made the fiery dragon step out of the cave once again.

But her time awake was rather short. After the dragon was driven away, she turned to Zen and stared at him pointedly.

Almost pushed to the point of craziness, Zen reluctantly said, "Oh, I'm going to deal with that dragon spirit myself!"

Then, he sidestepped Tia's outstretched hand and hit her hard on the back of her neck with his arm. Because of her body's overwhelming power, Zen had to use over sixty percent of his power just to stun her.


After a dull thud, Tia fell into Zen's arms. As he embraced her soft body, he got a whiff

a tomato. However, her color went back to normal when her body was enveloped by cold air.

Although she was in a nearly unconscious state, she could still remember what happened just earlier. Although they did not do anything that might cross a moral line, as a girl who was always in an authoritative position, she couldn't easily accept the sort of thing that was rather shameful to speak aloud.

'It seems I'll have to kill him…'

With her quick temper, Zen was most definitely on her kill list.

Unfortunately, having sworn to the will of martial arts, she couldn't kill him.

Puzzled at the moment, Tia put on a confused expression.

If Fernandez saw such an expression on her face, he would certainly be surprised by the fact that this exceptionally vigorous girl, having shaken heaven and earth in the Central Region for many years, was suddenly in an uncharacteristically hesitant state. He wouldn't believe her confusion

Still, Tia failed to find a solution after pondering over it for a while. Finally, she gritted her teeth and said as coolly as she could, "You'd better forget about this whole thing. Give me the crystal key! We're going to get the treasure."

As he handed the crystal stone to Tia, he mumbled with a twitch of his mouth, "Sure, I can forget it. But it looks like someone will remember it forever…"

"What did you just say?"

Hearing his snide remark, Tia snapped her head back to glare at him.


I didn't say anything."

Since it seemed unwise to try and argue with an angry woman who looked like a female lion ready to pounce, Zen merely shook his head with a seemingly innocent smile on his face.

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