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   Chapter 588 Lost (Part Two)

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But creatures born from projections

were no match to real legendary beasts, and the ice phoenix was actually one of them. It was one that owned terrible power. Even a small feather from it would produce catastrophic energy.

Tia put one hand on the top of the ice column. At her movement, a freezing draft suddenly flew from the ice column to form layers and curtains of frost and ice. In the blink of an eye, all the ice rushed towards the fiery dragon spirit like roaring sea waves.

The fiery dragon spirit was the guardian of the crystal key. It would fulfill its duty, no matter the cost. Despite the stinging cold from the frost and ice, the dragon stood its ground. Opening its huge mouth, it breathed out a column of flame. The ice began to melt at the touch of the red, hot fire. The ice thinned with every second until the fiery dragon spirit rushed forward and broke it into pieces.

It was an unyielding battle. As the fiery dragon spirit kept breathing out flames that melted the ice, Tia didn't stop for a single second in creating more curtains of frost and ice from the ice column. No side was willing to surrender.

"It's freezing!" Zen felt his skin pebble from the frost. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, rubbing with his hands in an attempt to call for heat. There was a dramatic drop in the temperature. His eyes roamed his surroundings, and he saw nothing but whiteness. Even the breaths he huffed were foggy and streaked with ice.

As his eyes fell on Tia, a strange feeling had befallen him. It was as if his every sense had blurred everything, and all he could see and hear was the woman in front of him. The fiery dragon spirit attacked relentlessly with its flame. The flickers lit up Tia's face. Shadows danced across her features, bathing her in an ethereal light. She was a vision that possessed Zen's senses.

He traced the few wisps of hair that had dropped to her cheeks. She was now wearing an armor made of ice, wrapping around her body closely. The hard armor fit her so perfectly and followed the graceful lines of her figure. Zen looked at Tia's beautiful collarbones, down to the curve of her chest. She heaved from exertion, and Zen caught his own breath at the sight of her.

For an unknown reason, his heartbeat started to chase one after the other. He heard the deep lungfuls of breath that he took, and he felt as if his own body was on fire despite the coldness of the ice surrounding him. Zen soon caught up to his own thoughts. He burned in confusion and embarrassment at the foreign feelings that had taken hold of him. The middle of a battle was the last place for his impulses. However, despite his struggle to hold on to his consciousness, he sank down into a trance once again.

Tia felt Zen's eyes. His gaze was even hotter than the flames that threatened to reach her from the fie

from hypnosis.

With a grin, the cyan dragon replied, "I have warned you that the flood dragon is lascivious by nature. The space you are in at this moment is actually the flood dragon's sex organ. The yellow smog you saw earlier is a kind of natural aphrodisiac. It's very potent."

The flood dragon's sex organ had a natural effect of arousing any species' desire. For some, it was a holy drug. In some martial arts practices, warriors would engage in a peculiar ritual where sexual intercourse with the opposite sex would play a key role in reinforcing their power. For those martial artists, the flood dragon's sex organ was the best ingredient to use for concocting aphrodisiacs.

Although the huge flood dragon had been changed into a puppet, the part where its sex organ was housed was not damaged. The flood dragon spirit escaped all the way into this part of its body, and it was cut open by Tia afterwards. As a result, the yellow powder scattered into a mist. For its great aphrodisiac effect, a tiny portion of such yellow powder would be sold at an outrageous price in Central Region.

"Aphrodisiac!" Zen exclaimed with wide eyes. "I thought I was immune from any poison?" he asked.

"It's an aphrodisiac, not poison. You cannot resist its effect, of course," the cyan dragon replied disinterestedly.

Zen sighed in secret. He was fortunate that the cyan dragon had helped stop him from making a mistake. He could not have fought off the aphrodisiac on his own.

Zen raised his head, finding Tia walking towards him in a dazed state. She stretched out both of her hands for him and her eyes were glazed over with a strange gleam.

Zen brought a hand to his head when he realized what was happening. He was not the only one who was affected by the yellow powder. Tia had inhaled the mist as well, and from the looks of things, she must have taken more of it than him.

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