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   Chapter 586 Snatch My Body Shell

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Zen smiled with satisfaction and said, "One more point. I shall take half the heritage of the sixth-grade sect."

"Half?" Tia was enraged. "Half the heritage of the sixth-grade sect? Do you know what that means? You are not able to bear that. It's too much for you!"

Cloud Hall was merely a fourth-grade sect but enough to be highly reputed in the Central Region.

And the only fifth-grade sect could rank No.1 in the Central Region. If this sixth-grade sect did not wither away and lasted till now, it was definitely the most highly reputed and all other sects and forces would kneel before them.

Though the sixth-grade sect founded by the Blood Fiend Emperor had been destroyed, and most of its heritage had been seized as time passed, Cloud Hall could not match the sixth-grade's legacy that remained.

Apparently, Tia thought Zen was greedy.

Zen chuckled. "Don't worry. I am a big eater. Of course, you could choose to refuse and deal with that enchanted barrier by yourself!"


The fiery dragon spirit roared and knocked the ice phoenix down. The surface ice layer of the ice phoenix turned to steam due to the high temperature.

Tia was forced to calm down and deliver freezing air to the ice phoenix via the jade.

'It seems I have no choice but to reach a compromise with this guy.' Tia thought, 'His condition sounds exorbitant, but how much inheritance could he carry by himself? Perhaps this is not a bad agreement. After all, he is a disciple of Cloud Hall, and he is honorable.'

After thinking through her options, Tia knew she had no other alternatives. She gnashed her teeth as she replied, "Okay, I promise. By my will of martial arts, I swear I won't kill you and that I will give you half the heritage!"

Tia was reluctant. She had schemed and tried several times before coming this far. It was hard to accept that half of her reward would be taken away.

Hearing Tia swear by her will of martial arts, Zen smiled, turned, and moved toward the enchanted barrier. He then threw a punch at it.


The enchanted barrier did not shatter under the impact. However, a red cobweb-like vein spread across it.

This barrier was far stronger than Yolande's. Even though he yielded the energy of the Emerald Crystal, Zen could only cause such a subtle vein, which was invisible to the naked eye.

"Emerald energy?" Tia was intrigued, and her beautiful eyes reflected the shock she felt.

'How could this guy summon the energy of an Emerald Crystal by using his mortal body?

Very few people possess an Emerald Crystal. It has limited usage as well. Thus, it's difficult to get one. Even if people acquire one, they are likely to set it in their weapon.

But how can Zen's punch be powered with the energy of an Emerald Crystal? Did he set the Emerald Crystal in his body? How could that be?

The human body rejects most gems, and some are fatal as they are poisonous. An Emerald Crystal will affect a human body even if it's nontoxic


The ice darts missed their target and crashed into the wall. As tremendous ice power was released, the wall became covered with a layer of ice and frost before it cracked.

'Ice power is horrifying! I'm afraid I will become an ice sculpture if the darts hit me.' Zen thought.

Though terrifying, the ice power was useless as the flood dragon spirit was extremely nimble. It escaped all the ice darts Tia had thrown at it. However, continually dodging Tia's attacks slowed down the flood dragon's spirit. Tia got closer and closer.

The flood dragon's spirit realized that it could not get rid of Tia like this. So it swerved into a crevice in the wall.

Now that the ice phoenix had possessed her body, Tia could yield its power effectively. She spread her arms, and two thin ice swords appeared in her hands. She swung the swords, crumbed wall, and rushed into the hole.

Zen saw what Tia had done and found himself impressed by her abilities. Without hesitating, he followed her into the crevice.

The instant he entered the hole, he felt as though something was wrong.

The wall was a part of the flood dragon's flesh. It hadn't been transformed by humans yet. And so, the inner space was still a soft flesh wall.

Furthermore, many globoids were floating in the upper space.

After looking upwards, Tia said, "You won't escape!"

Then she jumped and flew to the upper space, the two long ice feathers trailing behind her.

However, the floating globoids fell at this crucial moment. Tia swiveled her swords spontaneously to cut all the globoids.


The balls burst and released a yellow smog that filled the space. The gas released smelled fishy and sweet and carried the metallic scent of blood.

Right after Tia was overwhelmed by the smog, the flood dragon's spirit rushed to Zen and yelled, "I will snatch your body shell first!"

Hearing this, Zen paused for a while and then replied, "Are you sure you want to snatch my body shell?"

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