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   Chapter 585 I Swear (Part Two)

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The two of them kept on doing that repeatedly, and as a result, the demonic life vitality surrounding Zen was gradually getting bigger and bigger.

Even though the volume of the demonic life vitality which they transformed this time paled in comparison to the previous one that was made by swallowing up the Dark Devil Phantoms in the small world of the Death Road, it could be said that it was still rather massive.

As all of that was happening, the fiery dragon became much, much more agitated, and its striking power just got even more aggressive. She quickly caught on that she couldn't afford to get distracted any longer, so Tia decided to focus on the battle between her ice phoenix and the fiery dragon spirit.

"Go now, quickly! Smash the enchanted barrier into smithereens. I pray that you succeed!" Tia wished Zen luck with a voice filled with anticipation.

During her last attempt to do it, she had failed miserably. As she was trying to break the enchanted barrier, the fiery dragon spirit suddenly appeared to throw her into disarray. She brought Zen with her this time as she couldn't handle it alone. She was determined to succeed with his help.

Zen stretched out his hands upward and went about condensing the demonic life vitality.

The tremendous force that was going to be transmitted by such a rich life vitality should be quite massive. With its help, Zen's power had the potential of becoming stronger than even those of the masters at higher levels of the Illuminating Soul Realm, and it might also achieve the strength of those at the lower levels of Internal Elixir Realm.

If he got supplied with enough life vitality continuously, the power resulting from it could last for an indefinite amount of time and be enhanced.

Of course, that was what you'd call the ideal state, or at least it was, in theory. This was something that wouldn't really be practical to use in an actual combat though, because rarely would anyone be able to get an opportunity to siphon life vitality from another person, and then there was also the lengthy period of time one would need to spend during the process. And no opponent would ever be foolish enough to just sit back and relax as you prepared for your attack. Nevertheless

rriors because it could very well bring ruin unto themselves.

"Who do you think you are? Do you see yourself as someone qualified to make me swear to the will of martial arts?" Tia's glare was fixated on Zen, jeering at him coldly. Who would've thought he'd be able to come up with such an atrocious idea?

"Well then, does that mean you don't need me to break down the enchanted barrier anymore?" Zen heaved a heavy sigh.

"How dare you say that to me?" Tia yelled at him out of frustration.

Shrugging his shoulders to annoy her even further, Zen blurted out in a cold tone, "There is nothing I wouldn't dare do."

He was aware that he could stay safe inside the flood dragon puppet's body for as long as he didn't do things so hastily. 'I shouldn't be wasting my time here with her. It would be better for me to just look for a way out and leave as soon as possible, ' he pondered.

Upon noticing that Zen was planning to leave, while still having to deal with the fiery dragon spirit, Tia was thrown into a state of confusion in a blink of an eye. The goal was already within reach, but there was always something that could go wrong along the way.

Just a second after watching Zen take a few steps away, Tia clenched her jaw and declared, "Okay, you win this time. You said your name was Zen, right? Now that I remember your name, I will make sure you'll regret this. But now, you can rest easy. I promise that I won't kill you. I swear this to the will of martial arts!"

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