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   Chapter 584 I Swear (Part One)

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The fiery evil spirits could be divided into various kinds. The ones living in the Sea of Raging Fire weren't really big, but as for this one in the furnace, it was considerably stronger than the typical fiery evil spirits.

Even a small fiery dragon spirit which was as big as a man's arm had been condensed from the flames. When it went higher up, the heat that was radiating from it was so insufferable. But as luck would have it, the ice phoenix which had just been released by Tia from her precious gem was just as powerful.

As a result, the fiery dragon spirit and the ice phoenix got tangled up with each other, binding and resisting the other. Ice is capable of obliterating fire, while fire, on the other hand, could also melt ice.

For every instance that the ice phoenix descended onto the dragon, the heat and light emanating from the fiery dragon spirit seemed to be weakening a little bit. But in that same moment, flame suddenly rose from the furnace, and once it had coalesced into the dragon's body, the heat and light would both be restored in no time.

And each time the fire dragon spirit set off for an attack, the ice crystals over the ice phoenix's body got thawed a little, and the phoenix gradually decreased in size.

When she noticed that the melting of the ice phoenix had already reached a certain point, Tia instinctively grabbed her precious jade and stroked it with her candle-like fingers. Then, a cold air condensed using the life vitality began to drift away. When the cold air reached the body of the ice phoenix, the phoenix would dramatically increase in size in an instant.

The battle between the ice phoenix and the fiery dragon spirit appeared to have reached an impasse. The ice phoenix had Tia's help in replenishing the cold air, while the fiery dragon spirit also had help, for as long as the flame in the furnace didn't die out, the fiery dragon spirit wouldn't die just as well.

"While I'm fighting against this fiery dragon spirit, you should go ahead and find a way to break the enchanted barrier," Tia relayed over to Zen.

"The enchanted barrier?" Zen asked under his breath.

Suddenly, he saw a blanket of dull purple light materialize around the stove. The stove was located in the farthest depths

he hadn't forgotten about his Emerald Crystal, which happened to be designed for breaking enchanted barriers.

"Not yet. But we're almost there," Tia kept shaking her head. "That's it! Just a little bit more!" Tia insisted, taking out four pieces of supreme life vitality crystals. She clutched the supreme crystals tightly to draw up the life vitality contained within them.

The life vitality bottled up inside the supreme crystal was so pure and intense that there was a chance Zen's belly might not be able to handle even one of the crystals' vitality. Even so, Tia was a bit special, for she could absorb four at the same time. That being said, it wouldn't be so hard to picture out just how strong her belly's bearing ability truly was.

As expected, immediately after absorbing the life vitality from the supreme crystals, she transferred everything again so she could supply Zen with enough force.

This was the new plan Tia came up with. There could also be a possibility that Frank's spear might not be able to pierce the enchanted barrier, but Zen's Heavenly Ogre Fist gave them better odds of pulling it off, so long as the power provided by the life vitality was adequate.

Zen's demonic life vitality devoured every bit of the life vitality that seeped from her and transformed them into the purple-black form. Just as he was about to drain the last bit of life vitality she had, she took out a few more supreme life vitality crystals, shattering them to absorb the life vitality.

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