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   Chapter 583 The Treasure Key (Part Two)

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"…" Faced with her apparent display of dismay and despise, Zen felt a pinch of hurt. But he still continued collecting the "bodies" of the six puppet snakes into his space ring before following Tia.

After walking in the world inside the flood dragon for a distance, Zen spotted a red light from not too far away, in which something was fluttering rather violently. Zen curiously asked, "What's that?"

"That's the key!" Tia said as she spotted the key and accelerated her pace with a happy expression upon seeing her target.

"Key? What does this key unlock?" Zen asked as he approached from behind her. It turned out that the red light was a circular tripod furnace used for refining pills. Now, the tripod furnace was full of fire, in the centre of which was a long, narrow and slowly fluttering spar. Was this spar the key that Tia mentioned?

"The key was used for inheriting the treasures of the whole Cloud Road! Before the destruction of the sixth-grade sect, all the treasures were put into the Cloud Road. As long as you get the key, you could obtain all the treasures!" Tia looked at the crystal key in the furnace up and down with admiration.

"Do you really mean all the treasures of the Blood Fiend Emperor?" Zen was so shocked that he opened his eyes wide and took a deep breath. It was a sixth-grade sect that the Blood Fiend Emperor had, while the Cloud Hall was only a fourth-grade sect.

It was no wonder that the treasures in the hidden test of the Cloud Road were of such enormous value. The Blood Fiend Emperor might have put part of his treasures into it. The Cloud Road was so long. It was definite th

her life vitality and then pushed it toward the tripod furnace with determination.

As Tia's palm winds blew past, the fire in the furnace suddenly burst into raging flames owing to the sudden interference. Soon, a fire flew out, and turned to be the shape of a daunting dragon!

"Stand aside now! This is a fiery dragon spirit! It is a kind of fiery evil spirit, which is extremely powerful and mighty!" This time, Tia carefully and with calculated moves dealt with the fiery dragon spirit with a cautious expression across her delicate face. A piece of sky blue gem appeared as she turned over her hands, which sent out a wave of cold air, and immediately reduced the surrounding's temperature.

Tia patted the gem ever so lightly and stretched out one of her delicate fingers. Her fingertip was going round and round over the gem, which seemed like she was guiding something out. Zen saw her finger drawing several small circles and then gently pulled forward. "Go!"

Suddenly, an ice phoenix came out from the gem, which yelped and flew toward the fiery dragon spirit.

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