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   Chapter 582 The Treasure Key (Part One)

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"Are you referring to the girl named Tia? Well, I noticed her ever since you entered the Death Road. When compared to you, her strength is immense and extreme. But despite this she must want your help, as she led you to fall from the floating stone along with her," the cyan dragon said in a prophetic manner.

"What I truly want to know is why and how did she come to be so strong." This was now the greatest mystery in Zen's heart, leaving it in a knot weighing him down like an anchor. Why was she so strong as she had just reached the Illuminating Soul Realm?

The cyan dragon thought for a long moment before composing his thoughts and saying, "In my opinion, it's likely that she has practised some unique cultivation methods, such as Nine Spirit Returning Cultivation or Twelve Turns Penancing Cultivation. In fact, it's not at all likely that she has just reached the Illuminating Soul Realm."

"Really? If that is the case, then how did she enter the Cloud Road?" Raising his eyebrows, Zen reckoned that it didn't make sense logically.

The cyan dragon smiled humbly and said, "This kind of cultivation methods is so powerful that she has to practice anew repeatedly. For example, Nine Spirit Returning Cultivation requires the practitioner to give up his powers, which are brought by his practice, nine times. And he must restart from low level each time with equal rigor and determination. The practitioner will make a radical breakthrough only after that. It seems not to be the first time she has reached this cultivation level. So, her real level may be the later stage of the Internal Elixir Realm, or even a higher level."

The words shocked Zen so much. The later stage of the Internal Elixir Realm? Even higher level? Was her real level actually po

her hands and caught a puppet snake. Then there was a flash of the life vitality in her hand. She had already torn the puppet snake into two with a slight twist of her wrist.

"Wow!" Zen was shocked by her power, which made his heart beat rapidly and muscle tremble. What an immensely horrifying strength! Although Zen had just seen a fraction of the special kind of life vitality she possessed in her hand, her strength was obviously not weak even when considered without the help of the life vitality.

Now, there was nothing to do but follow Tia. The remaining several puppet snakes too were grabbed by her bare hands in a similar manner as she tore each snake apart into two pieces and threw them away. It looked like she was tearing into noodles, seamlessly.

Zen grew happy as he saw Tia throwing the puppet snakes away one-by-one. It was not only the materials of these puppet snakes alone that had a high value. It was the manufacturing engineering too that added to its high value.

When Tia saw Zen collecting all of the puppet snakes, she gave him a scornful look. "You don't have to collect them. If you help me reach my goal, they will hold no value."

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