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   Chapter 581 The Flood Dragon Spirit (Part Two)

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"You are so beautiful. I don't understand why you're dressed up like a man," Zen said abruptly.

"It's none of your business, all right?" said the woman coldly.

Zen smiled and continued, "You are right. It was not my business. However, you dragged me down here. I believe it's only fair for me to ask for a reasonable explanation. We're stuck inside the flood dragon now, right? Tell me, what exactly were you trying to do? And… Are you really at the first grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm?"

Although the woman's strength appeared to be at the first grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm, a moment ago, she had seen through the secret hidden in his basic swordplay skills within seconds. What was more surprising was that she had broken his swordplay using only her hands. This was impossible for disciples whose strength was only at the first grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm.

'Isn't Frank supposed to be the strongest participant? He should be the most powerful among the disciples who have just entered the Illuminating Soul Realm. Even compared to the warriors in the Central Region who have recently advanced to the Illuminating Soul Realm, Frank would rank at the top. It is possible to imagine Frank reacting in an instant. Armed with his long spear, Frank could be powerful enough to break through my basic swordplay. However, it would be impossible for him to make a breakthrough with his bare hands.

However, cultivators beyond the third grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm are banned from participating in the Cloud Road test. From this aspect, the woman cannot exceed that level, ' Zen rationalized.

Based on the conflicting details, Zen felt rather confused. Thus, he had to ask the question to clarify his doubts.

"You asked a meaningless question. I wouldn't be able to participate in the trials of Cloud Road if I were not at the first grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm," the

r, I can sense that the flood dragon's spirit is hidden somewhere. I want to devour that spirit!"

"Flood dragon spirit? Didn't you just tell me that the flood dragon died a long time ago?" Zen asked doubtfully. According to Zen's understanding, if the flood dragon's corporeal body had died, its spirit was bound to be gone as well.

"It's not easy to control a flood dragon puppet. The best way is to extract the flood dragon's spirit, refine it, and seal it in somewhere near the puppet. That's also the most effective way," the cyan dragon explained.

'Good method! The sixth-grade sect had such strength. Not only did it kill this flood dragon, but it also drained its blood, extracted its spirit, and refined it to make a flood dragon puppet. How unusual is that? Is this the work of the Blood Fiend Emperor?' Zen wondered.

"However… I can feel that the seal of the flood dragon's spirit seems to have loosened a bit. The nature of flood dragons is lewd and evil. You and the woman... Be careful," the cyan dragon said seriously.

Zen nodded slightly as he stared at Tia's back. She was still walking in front of him. After studying her for a while, Zen asked, "I have another question. Do you notice something unusual about her? Why is her strength so terrifying?"

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