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   Chapter 580 The Flood Dragon Spirit (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6668

Updated: 2019-06-29 15:40

Given the current situation, all the disciples were desperately trying to get out of the abyss. So consumed were they about their safety that they didn't worry about how the others were doing.

Rocher jumped quickly from one floating rock to another higher floating rock using his Sword Steps. When he encountered tiny floating stones, he would crush them with his sword intent.

As he was nearing a safe distance, Rocher turned to check if his companions were all right. The color drained from his face when Rocher saw that Zen was falling toward the flood dragon.

"Zen!" he exclaimed in horror.

Rocher's scream attracted the attention of others who were struggling to climb up. They swiveled to see what had happened. Astonishment reflected on their faces when they saw Zen.

When Frank noticed that the disciple from Cloud Hall was pulling Zen toward the mouth of the flood dragon, a cold sneer appeared on his face. He had long felt that something was suspicious about the Cloud Hall's disciple. He had even considered the possibility that the disciple was plotting something sinister! As the Cloud Hall's disciple had not done anything unusual and evil, Frank didn't bother to figure out what he was plotting.

He had certainly not expected the disciple to become crazy and drag Zen to the flood dragon's mouth!

'Zen, you deserve it! Yet, you still have so much Dark Devil Phantom essence. If you die in the abyss, I'm afraid I won't be able to get it. What a great pity that is!

Never mind! You are so powerful despite being at the nature level. If in the future, you become an elite disciple of the Cloud Hall, you may be one of my greatest enemies!' Thousands of thoughts were running through Frank's mind when he saw the danger Zen was in. Frank, no matter how overconfident he was, had to face these facts.

'In that case, the belly of the flood dragon is a good place for your grave.' Frank smiled at the thought.

As he climbed up, a wide smirk replaced

kily, the inside parts of the flood dragon are soft. Otherwise, we would have suffered severe injuries from our fall."

"Remove your hand!" screeched the disciple.

At once, Zen felt his arm being grabbed and twisted before he felt himself being thrown away.

It was not until Zen landed on another spot that he realized that he hadn't been touching a part of the flood dragon but her breast instead…

"You're not pretending anymore? Why do you dress like a man?" asked Zen as he glared in the disciple's direction even though it was dark.

"Hum!" the disciple from Cloud Hall snorted coldly. Then a dim light appeared in her hand—illuminating the surroundings at once.

To Zen's surprise, she didn't feel the need to hide her identity anymore. Thus, she removed her facial disguise and showed her true self.

In the faint light, still dressed in the white robe specially made for Cloud Hall's disciples, the woman appeared almost angelic. Her loose robe did little to hide her well-shaped figure. Her dark hair was casually placed on her left shoulder. Zen admired how natural and attractive she appeared.

Even though the light was dim, he could still see her fair skin and beautiful features. She looked gorgeous, even though she was not wearing any make-up or jewelry. Zen was stunned for a while.

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