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   Chapter 579 Floating Stones (Part Two)

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Because of excellent dexterity, the Cloud Hall disciple finished with a fantastic landing. His bodily movement skill was even more perfect than Lewis'.

And Zen followed suit by doing a backflip to change his position in the air. He came at one of the floating stones and attempted to snatch it. Unfortunately, his skills were not as consummate as Lewis. So, the stone began to turn once Zen applied too much force on it. Luckily, however, Zen had grasped a corner of the stone. He followed the stone to twirl around until he could steady himself on top of it.

Raising his head, Zen saw Frank and Patrick both trying their best to catch a stone.

Meanwhile, Lewis slowly resumed his flamboyant manner after getting into the vortex. Taking advantage of his superb technique in bodily movement, he jumped on the floating stones like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water. Meanwhile, he let out non-stop shrieks to demonstrate that he was affected.

After everyone had a stone and stabilized themselves, the Cloud Hall disciple suddenly pointed his finger above and said, "Look, up there! It's the exit of Death Road!"

When people heard him, they were delighted. They all raised their heads and followed the direction of his finger. They could see floating stones everywhere in the abyss. At the top of the abyss was a bright light. They could even see shattered floating remnants there.

They only needed to get up there, with the help of the stones, to safely leave the Death Road.

Finally seeing the silver lining made them glad. However, there was also a bit of disappointment. They took the risk to brave the Death Road hoping for a bigger reward. But in truth, they were only able to take away a portion of the Devil Phantom essences. And they were far from satisfied with it.

For now, survival was the priority. And coming out of Death Road alive would make them all heroes.

Giggling, Lewis remarked, "It's not as difficult as it seems..." He stepped on a small stone as big as a fist and wiggled his body as if playing in a variety show. What Lewis was doing was showing off his bodily movement skills.

The Cloud Hall disciple

to go all out to get rid of the people who stood in his way.

The basic swordsmanship move displayed by Zen confused the Cloud Hall disciple. But after a while, he smiled and without hesitation, grabbed Zen's Blood Drinking Sword with his bare hands.

The smile didn't escape Zen, who thought it looked weird. It evoked a feeling of fascination as if a gentle lady was the one smiling at him. But the man standing before him was definitely a man!

However, there was no time for Zen to ponder on this. He didn't expect the Cloud Hall disciple to use a very clever trick in grabbing his sword.

Because of his exceptional strength, even though the disciple was at the beginning level of the Illuminating Soul Realm, Zen was already considered a warrior without a match. He might not be able to thwart Frank's spear attack, but there were other ways to beat him.

Although only at the first grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm, the Cloud Hall disciple was brave enough to grab Zen's sword with his bare hands. The move was so daring. It was incredible.

The Cloud Hall disciple smiled eerily at Zen then said softly, "You're going down with me!" Before Zen could react, he felt his clothes being dragged down by the Cloud Hall disciple until they fell from the floating stone and into a deep, dark pit.

Right below them was the enormous flood dragon, which was rapidly rising, making the situation twice as dangerous.

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