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   Chapter 578 Floating Stones (Part One)

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If Zen and Rocher took 70 percent of the Devil Phantom essences, and even if the man from Cloud Hall didn't take any, the remaining 30 percent would be divided among four people.

"You two are taking 70 percent? Do you think Frank and I are just foils for you?" Lois asked coldly. The woman was clearly unhappy with the proposal. She strongly believed that the Devil Phantom essences belonged only to Frank and herself.

And Frank made sure to express his displeasure as well. "Zen, I'll give you 30 percent on account that you made some contributions. But I wasn't expecting you to be asking for so much, and wanting to take half of the essences. I am not a pushover, or easily persuaded, I tell you. I'm a tough nut to crack."

With a sharp look, Zen said, "I don't care whether you're soft or tough, anyway. Rocher and I will take 70 percent, and that's it!"

Frank signed and a long blood dragon appeared on the white spear hilt in his hand. Waving the spear slightly, he directed its point to the ground. Then solemnly he said, "I don't like internal strife. But if anyone in the team tries to stir up trouble and disrupt our harmony, I don't mind teaching him the lesson and making him learn the rules first!"

When he saw that Frank was poised to fight, Zen also took out his Blood Drinking Sword. He shook his head and said, "Frank, you have good strength, but if you think you can become a leader with your strength alone, I can only say that you're too arrogant."

Once he finished speaking, the consummate sword intent began to gather on the Blood Drinking Sword. The consummate sword intent was like a little spirit that danced happily on the point of Zen's sword.

Meanwhile, Rocher came to stand by Zen and also summoned his consummate sword intent.

'They both have consummate sword intent?' Frank thought. His eyebrows shot upward at the sight of the sword intent on Zen's Blood Drinking Sword. Frank might be arrogant, but he was not a fool. Rocher alone was already a threat to him. And here came Zen, who was even more powerful than Patrick.

It was disconcerting to find out that Zen had the eerie purple black life vitality, and now he also learned the young disciple had the ability to condense consummate sword intent! All this made Fran

an jumped in, the world they were in suddenly started to shake. Zen raised his head and looked at the sky. There appeared several cracks there. The cracks were similar to what he had seen on Cloud Road. These were signs that the small world was ready to break into pieces.

"Quick, let's get inside!" Zen commanded. He jumped in without hesitating.

Then Rocher, Patrick, Frank, and Lois all followed and leaped into the red vortex.

When Zen got out of the vortex, his head was down as he fell. So it was quite strange that he could see no ground, and he just kept on falling downward!


The wind whooshed past Zen's ears. Then he saw the Cloud Hall disciple also fall from the air. At the same time, he found the vortex's exit, which was situated above the abyss.

The abyss below was dark and seemed bottomless. Nobody knew how deep it was. But if they continued to fall like this, death would probably be the end of them.

Soon, however, Zen found several stones floating in the air. The objects were irregular in shape. Some were as big as a table, while others were only the size of a fist. No one knew what kind of force would keep them afloat because none of them was affected by gravity at all.

"The stones are only good for jumping on!" the young warrior murmured to himself. As the thought crossed his mind, Zen saw the Cloud Hall disciple suddenly gain momentum in the air through leaping. He twirled his body before being able to stand steadily on a floating stone.

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