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   Chapter 577 Allocation (Part Two)

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"The black object you obtained in the hidden trail is the soul essence. It did come from the same source as these black objects here. The soul essence is the reason why the Cloud Road has the Dark Devil Phantoms. But they have used a secret special method to remove the toxin from the essence of Dark Devil Phantom to make the soul essence," the disciple of Cloud Hall explained coldly.

"Does it mean that the hundreds of essence of Dark Devil Phantom here could be refined to around ten pieces of soul essence?" Zen asked. He was caught by the disciple's words and decided to question him after a quick thought.

If a piece of soul essence could have a little increase in the soul power, it meant that if they could refine ten pieces of soul essence, they could have a considerable increase in the soul power.

The disciple of Cloud Sect nodded, which indicated that Zen's assumption was correct.

All the people's eyes lit up with pleasant surprise after they had heard these comments.

The Death Road was the biggest hidden barrier on the Cloud Road. The most important reason why people chose to enter it was that they hoped to get great opportunities and benefits on the road, even though it might be very dangerous. They knew that the danger and benefits always went hand in hand.

Therefore, they started to fight and sometimes, even almost died on the road. However, they hadn't gotten anything good or seen any opportunity, which was the saddest thing for them.

Thus, they were ecstatic to see so many pieces of essence of Dark Devil Phantom in this place. What a big opportunity for them! Hope filled them like how the sunshine finally shone in a long, dark night.

Although the essences of Dark Devil Phantom had not been refined, their value after being refined was invaluable because of their effects on the soul strength! Even in the Central Region, pills which could strengthen the soul were rare and mostly were extraordinarily expensive.

These pills also had heavy side effects. They would increase the soul stren

o stop them. "That's enough! Frank, your allocation plan is ridiculous, not to mention that Lewis isn't satisfied. Even Zen and I do not agree with you!"

"What do you mean?"

It was Frank's face that had darkened now.

He thought that he was the authority in the team, but now he felt that he had lost control of this temporary group. Or maybe, they had never considered him to be the leader in the first place. They simply didn't think there was a need for one. It had been Frank's own thought all the way.

The loss of control made Frank uneasy. As far as he was concerned, such kind of supreme talent like he should be the born leader. He was the one who made decisions every time when he took adventures with other disciples of Cloud Hall.

However, two people had expressed their disagreement when he said his plan. That had never happened before!

The air was tense among them. Zen glanced at Frank and said, "Rocher and I have eliminated the Dark Devil Phantoms here. I only need 50% of them."

"And I need 20% of them. You can split the balance among yourselves," Rocher followed.

Meanwhile, Patrick didn't say anything. However, he agreed more with Zen's plan. Whoever contributed the most efforts should be given the most. They would all have been killed if it weren't for Zen and Rocher. In that case, nothing was to be allocated.

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