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   Chapter 576 Allocation (Part One)

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The purple cloud of life vitality finally dissipated. Everyone's gaze traveled from the sky to the ground, and finally stayed on Zen's face.

Unlike the other people present, Rocher and Patrick were not so surprised. They had witnessed Zen's magic many times before and knew how outstanding Zen's strength was. Zen had used the demonic life vitality to swallow Dick's Righteousness Song on the fighting field. However, at that time, the scale and impact weren't as big as they were now. Therefore, they didn't expect that Zen's demonic life vitality could absorb those Dark Devil Phantoms.

Not many people had seen the unusual strength of Zen's demonic life vitality, so it was no wonder that they had underestimated him. The leaders of the imperial army such as Yolande and Hugh were the first ones to know it. In addition, Seymour and some other cultivators who had entered the fairy palace before were deeply impressed by Zen's demonic life vitality. However, those soldiers weren't interested in spreading that news. And those cultivators like Seymour had died in the fairy palace and they even didn't have a chance to share it.

Therefore, except for Rocher and Patrick, Lewis, Frank, Lois, and that disciple of Cloud hall were quite shocked by what happened. Their hearts hammered loudly in their chests as they couldn't believe their eyes. They had never expected for a nature creature to cause this scene! They all lapsed into silence to digest what they just saw. After they had gotten over the initial shock, they started to think about Zen's question.

"We do not have a magic weapon to store this extra life vitality. I am afraid that we have to waste it," Lois commented. She knew that there was a magic weapon called the Cup of Life Vitality, which could temporarily store life vitality. However, even when they had one at hand, it wouldn't be of much help since it had a very limited capacity and couldn't store the mass life vitality in front of them. Lois observed the cloud-like life vitality and thought again.

"In that case, just let it explode," Zen said lightly with a smile on his face, as

k objects appeared after he had killed the black phantoms. They were almost the same with those in the red treasure boxes.

Lewis was very clear about the value of these black objects. They could strengthen the human soul, which was hard to be refined by normal refinement methods or by taking magical pills. Just swallow them and then the people would obtain enormous benefits. It was not hard to imagine how precious they were! However, there was a slight difference between these objects and those in the red treasure boxes. When the black objects in the red treasure boxes appeared, they automatically entered the brain and took effect as if they were living creatures and had their own thoughts. But these black objects now did not automatically do these things.

Meanwhile, Lewis had gotten a bit impatient to find out the reason, so he tried to swallow one. 'Idiot!' Zen scolded in his heart. When he was about to stop Lewis, the disciple of Cloud Hall coldly said, "These are the poisonous essences of the Dark Devil Phantoms. If you swallow one directly, it will corrode your organs in one second. Try to taste it if you want to die."

At that point, the essence of Dark Devil Phantom was already on Lewis' lips. After he heard what the disciple of Cloud Hall had said, he immediately spat it out without hesitation. "Oh, really? How come?" He turned to the disciple of Cloud Hall and asked.

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