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   Chapter 575 So Much Life Vitality

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Frank had thought that Patrick was the only one strong enough to fight with him.

Back then when they were battling the three Flying Yakshas, he used all of his might to not only defeat, but kill a Yaksha. Channeling every ounce of strength he had left, he attacked, dodged, and fought against the strongest one. Patrick unleashed the Acalanatha shadow. But the Yaksha's defense was so intense that Patrick was still defeated.

Patrick gave blow after blow, threw punches against the Yaksha, but his defense was too weak. He kept on targeting his enemy's strong body that he forgot to defend his own.

As the battle came to an end, the Flying Yaksha finished Patrick and gave him three last blows before he was on the floor, bruised. Although defeated, Frank still believed in Patrick' strength and courage as a fighter. After all, the Green Locus Karma Fire was all too powerful.

Maybe Frank could easily break Patrick's Body in the Diamond-like State with his spear, but he could not bear the Green Locus Karma Fire Patrick could give off.

Comparing warriors of the same level was a very difficult thing to do, let alone fighting off one another just to see who the better warrior was. Would battling it out give the answer? Frank was all too confident, thinking that he would have this one in the bag, that Patrick was just another competitor he would bruise.

As for Rocher and Zen, Frank didn't pay attention to them at all as they were at such a lower cultivation level than him and they didn't show their strengths.

Seeing the two nature creatures, Frank suddenly remembered what Patrick had tried to say to him before. "On the Death Road, with their help..."

Frank interrupted Patrick at that time as Frank believed that even the most ordinary disciple of the Illuminating Soul Realm was useless and weak. How could those two nature creatures be of any help? He had shown his respect to them even when he thought the two of them were useless to him!

If he had known what would happen later, he should have asked more about them. In this way he would not have been so embarrassed now. The embarrassment was kicking his gut!

It was such a shame that Frank was too proud. He had always been like this, even as a little boy. It had now become a trait of his pride. The two could have helped him in his time of need!

Frank felt his face slightly flush out of embarrassment.

Rocher's Extreme Thunder Sword Intent could kill the Dark Devil Phantoms that were swarming them. With the great power that his sword had, he waved it numerous times to kill his foes. Dark Devil Phantoms were cut, but there were too many of them. Each time he killed one, more and more came in.

Rocher was running out of strength. He battled ferociously against the Dark Devil Phantoms that kept on appearing. He gasped heavily, and dropped to the floor as he could not swing his sword any more. He could n

d happened quickly, and only a few people noticed it, including Patrick and Rocher. But they couldn't care less and did not pay too much attention to it. Now, Rocher and Patrick suddenly realized how overwhelming Zen's life vitality was!

What happened next surprised them even more.

Under Zen's command, thousands of small arrows were shot into the Dark Devil Phantoms. Then, the Dark Devil Phantoms seemed to have been struck by lightning and stopped moving.

The whole area seemed to be frozen and all the Dark Devil Phantoms stopped moving. Frank and other disciples stayed quiet. Looking at what was happening in front of them, they were expecting something to happen. What happened next did not disappoint them.

Zen waved his hand again and shouted, "Go!"

Soon after, slight sounds of explosion were heard continuously in all directions.

"Peng! Peng!"

Hundreds of Dark Devil Phantoms exploded at the same time and purple demonic life vitality flooded out of the Dark Devil Phantoms.

Only one Dark Devil Phantom was enough to make Zen's belly full. Now there were hundreds of Dark Devil Phantoms swallowed by Zen's demonic life vitality. What a great amount of life vitality!

The great amounts of demonic life vitality were drifting in the dark sky like huge clouds.

There were too much demonic life vitality in the area that if Zen tried to absorb all the demonic life vitality, his body would explode.

All of the people looked at the purple life vitality like clouds while quailing. They had never seen such a huge amount of life vitality together like this! The people had never seen anyone who could give off such a great deal of life vitality in a short time! Even the head of the Cloud Hall could not deal with so much life vitality inside the body!

After a while, they heard Zen spoke, which made them feel both humored and annoyed. "It is a great pity to waste so much life vitality..."

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