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   Chapter 574 In Despair

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"Watch out!" Zen cried.

He was the first person to notice something had gone wrong.

When Zen looked back to see what was going on, he saw Zade bending over to pick up a herb and right behind him was a dark figure. In one swift movement, a hand turned from the dark mass was suddenly covering Zade.

Everyone turned right away when they heard Zen cry out loud. Zade looked frightened as he was grabbed by the dark figure.

He sprang to his feet right away but to no avail. The dark figure had already grabbed him by then.

Everyone could see Zade being enveloped by the black mass, which now looked like a black cloth. Zade tried to wriggle himself free but the black mass was too strong.

Soon, Zade withered, having exhausted all his energy. The dark figure had enveloped Zade completely, coughing out only a few bones.

"Zade- Zade was swallowed by that stuff. Those are his bones!" Lewis spewed out, teeth chattering, and eyes filled with fear.

He had never seen anything like that before–he never thought it was possible that such a thing could exist, something that could eat up a man in the blink of an eye.

"It's a Dark Devil Phantom! Everybody... Watch your step!" The disciple from the Cloud Hall suddenly raised his voice to remind them.

At this moment, everyone just wanted to get rid of the dark figure–they didn't even want to put a name on such a horrible thing. Right now, their priority was to survive. Just a few moments after they were warned, the same kind of dark mass had spread on the ground and was slowly closing in on them.

"Run, everybody! Run!" Frank yelled. He looked serious and determined.

This unknown Dark Devil Phantom was even more terrifying than the Flying Yaksha because that evil beast could be killed. Meanwhile, they had no idea what a Dark Devil Phantom was more so how to destroy it. The Dark Devil Phantom looked like a sticky mass and Frank didn't even know if it was alive. What use could his spear be?

"Ahh!" Lois let out a scream as one of her legs was dragged by the Dark Devil Phantom.

Frank gritted his teeth, took his spear out and stabbed it on the Dark Devil Phantom that had a hold on Lois' leg. As soon as the spear touched its surface, Frank grabbed Lois and dashed off.

At this time, the Dark Devil Phantom had spread majority of its substance on the ground leaving little room for running. If they stopped, the Dark Devil Phantom might catch them.

In a world as small as this, it was not unusual to run into Dark Devil Phantoms. These dark stuff only hunted living creatures as their vitality was what attracted them.

The moment the eight of them stepped inside this world, the Dark Devil Phantoms already smelled them. They were able to follow them discreetly since Dark Devil Phantoms moved slowly and took the form of whatever they were in like thick liquids.

"Frank! I'm so scared! I don't want to be swallowed up and be left with nothing but bones!" Lois screamed as she and Frank raced fast. As the strongest female disciple in the Iridescence Se

ed into it.

"It's... consummate sword intent!" Frank muttered. "How is it possible?"

How could a nature creature perform the consummate sword intent? Frank didn't achieve the consummate spear intent until he entered the Illuminating Soul Realm so he never thought that a guy at the peak of the nature level could master the consummate sword intent!

The most amazing thing was that the thunder he drew was not made up of life vitality but heavenly thunder! Heavenly thunder and the thunder that was condensed by life vitality were completely different–the power of the latter could not be compared with that of the former! Frank was astounded!


"The Extreme Thunder Sword Intent!" Rocher shouted. "Heavenly Swords! Four swords in one!"

Rocher was well aware that these Dark Devil Phantoms were not afraid of physical attacks and that what could really hurt them was the heavenly thunder in his Extreme Thunder Sword Intent.

He was already in a state of panic and he was willing to do whatever he could to destroy the Dark Devil Phantoms.

When the Extreme Thunder Sword Intent struck two Dark Devil Phantoms, they were suddenly enveloped in lightning just as they sparked and evaporated.

"It worked!" A gleam of hope shone across Frank's face.

"Patrick, this disciple from your Cloud Sect is... really powerful!" When Frank saw Rocher's Extreme Thunder Sword Intent, he sensed that Rocher would have as much potential as he did after he entered the Illuminating Soul Realm. He had to admit that he had underestimated Rocher.

But at the moment, Frank was glad he was wrong.

Patrick startled everyone with his comment. "Rocher is indeed strong," he chuckled, "but Zen is more powerful. Even I'm no match for him, he's the strongest disciple in our sect."

"What?" Frank was so stunned that he had forgotten for a moment that they were in a battle with Dark Devil Phantoms. "You mean the guy at the third grade of nature level?" Frank asked in disbelief. "You think he's better than you?"

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