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   Chapter 573 A Rare Herb (Part Two)

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The disciples inside the trial, including Frank, did not know what had happened, of course.

Eight disciples moved forward under Frank's leadership. Meanwhile, Patrick told Zen, Rocher, and Lewis what had happened before they had arrived.

The Death Road was full of whirlpools. Each vortex was an isolated space with a different path. Sometimes the disciples would encounter two or even three whirlpools at the same time. The layout of Death Road was so complex that it was a maze.

After accidentally trespassing into the home of the Flying Yakshas, the disciples had found themselves being chased by three Yakshas. Since two were small, Frank had been able to kill them. The big Yaksha, however, had been too strong. The disciples had known that a fight between them and the strong Yaksha would have attracted other evil animals. So, they ran away as they intended to lure the Yaksha into a safer place, where Frank eventually killed it.

"That disciple from Cloud Hall cautioned us that the Yaksha was not the strongest beast on Death Road. If it's true, we will soon encounter more trouble." Patrick shook his head. Death Road was far more challenging than they had expected.

The problem was that despite passing through several whirlpools, one by one, it seemed like an endless cycle. They would eventually trespass into another powerful beast's home. If that happened, all of them might end up in a more miserable situation.

"Who is that disciple from Cloud Hall? Why is he so familiar with Death Road?" Zen asked.

Patrick shook his head. "I don't know. Frank has questioned him several times, but he refuses to reply."

As they spoke, Zen studied the disciple from Cloud Hall. He was not tall and looked like an ordinary person. Somehow, Zen fe

ad them unchallenged.

Zade cautiously glanced around him as he followed the other disciples. Suddenly, he noticed something unusual.

A black plant, not far from his position, seemed to waver in the wind.

The plant emitted a dark light. As it was black and in a corner, most of the disciples hadn't noticed it.

Ever since Zade discovered the Gelid Herb, he began paying greater attention to the plants around. Soon, he found another rare herb.

Although he didn't know what it was, everything on Death Road was precious. This plant had unique features that Zade had not heard of before. And so, he thought the plant might also fetch him a good price in the market.

Zade approached the plant without being noticed by the others. He was thrilled with his good luck. Despite being strong and killing a challenging creature by himself, Frank had only got a demon core of the Flying Yaksha whereas Zade had obtained two rare herbs. What was even better was that none of the other disciples knew of his luck! If they passed Death Road successfully, he would be the biggest winner!

Just as Zade's hand touched the rare herb, something unexpected happened!

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