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   Chapter 572 A Rare Herb (Part One)

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There was only one Picture Slab outside the Cloud Road. Each time one of the leaders wanted to observe a participant, the pictures had to be shifted from one disciple to another.

Among all the disciples, Zen Luo and Frank Zhuo were the most frequently watched ones.

Some time ago when Frank and some other disciples entered Death Road, the Picture Slab could not track them anymore. Lady Long became anxious when she couldn't track her favorite disciples.

As the leader of the Iridescence Sect, she knew of the dangers on Death Road. Over time, not a single disciple who had entered Death Road had survived.

"What is Frank doing? He's taking Lois to a living hell!" Lady Long complained loudly now and then.

If she could see the pictures from Death Road, Lady Long might have felt better. But now that Death Road could not be tracked and she could not see anything, Lady Long was worried about Lois.

As time passed, Zen, Rocher, and Lewis also entered Death Road. This time the Picture Slab could keep track of them!

When Zen met Frank and the other disciples, Fernandez and the others saw Frank on the Picture Slab.

After catching a glimpse of Frank and Lois in the picture, Lady Long felt a little relieved as both of them were safe.

Eagerly, Lady Long watched Frank kill the Flying Yaksha. His demonstration of strength pleased Lady Long tremendously, and she began to speak highly of Frank.

However, in the end, the mysterious disciple from Cloud Hall turned his eyes towards the Picture Slab and flashed them a weird smile. The smile surprised all the sect leaders and Fernandez.

How could this disciple from Cloud Hall see the Picture Slab?

The sect leaders watched as the mysterious disciple squeezed the air with two fingers. In the next instant, the picture on the

e son of Emanuel Zhuo. Fernandez, if something unexpected happens to Frank, how will you explain it to Emanuel?"

Although Lady Long was worried about Frank, she cared more about her disciple, Lois. But Lois was not important enough to change Fernandez's decision. So, she mentioned Frank.

Fernandez became annoyed with Lady Long's questioning. After all, he had led the disciples into the trial. Now, there was a stranger among them. How would such a mistake reflect on him? Fernandez smiled coldly, "Explain? What do you want me to explain to Emanuel? The reason why his son is not strong enough to pass the trial?"

"You..." Lady Long had no answer for Fernandez. After all, her position was not as high as Fernandez's. Maybe Fernandez was not stronger or at a higher position than Emanuel. But their difference was negligible. Moreover, Lady Long was unreasonable by forcing Fernandez to do something.

The fact was that only disciples no higher than the third grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm could enter the trial. All the people outside the trial could do nothing more than watch. Now, the Picture Slab could not trace some disciples anymore, so watching them had become impossible.

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