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   Chapter 571 The Picture On The Picture Slab Disappeared (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-06-28 00:34

Also, during the recent many years, they were the only two people who had figured out the sword intent of the consummate grade in Cloud Sect, and thus, nobody at Cloud Sect could offer them any useful suggestions.

Frank's situation was, however, different from theirs. As a disciple of the Cloud Hall in the Central Region, he would have many opportunities to meet well-known masters. Any of them could offer him useful suggestions. Together, with his diligent practice, once he had figured out spear intent of the consummate grade, he would learn how to condense the spear intent easily.

Therefore, disciples of Cloud Hall were at an advantage in this respect.

"Super Spinning Spear!" Frank bellowed as he summoned one of his powerful skills.

As he spun at an extreme speed toward the Flying Yaksha, Frank was integrated with his long white spear. It looked like he had become a part of it.

The Flying Yaksha also felt the power of Frank's attack. But, as the attack had been launched so suddenly, it didn't have any time to respond. It could only cross its arms in front of its chest to resist the attack with the hopes of withstanding the attack with the strength of its corporeal body.

"Snap, snap, snap…" The sound of something breaking filled the silence.

The hard gold scales around the arms of the Flying Yaksha shattered. Frank's spear, infused with his spear intent of the consummate grade, finally managed to pierce through the Flying Yaksha. Taking advantage, Frank pushed the spear deep inside it.

After the white spear penetrated the Flying Yaksha's arms, its momentum remained unabated. It then pierced through the Flying Yaksha's chest.

It was indeed, surprising to see the Flying Yaksha be defeated in such a manner. It looked as though the Flying Yaksha were a skewered shrimp waiting to

ar cut through, a demon core fell out of its chest.

The demon core of a fierce beast was precious. Frank would never miss the opportunity to collect one. After disposing of the Flying Yaksha's body, Frank continued his journey on the Death Road, followed by Lois and Zade.

Rocher's pride led him to believe that they would have managed fine on the Death Road without Frank. He was convinced that Frank was not the only one who could pass the tests on the Death Road. However, since Zen insisted that they put up with Frank's attitude and follow him, Rocher had no choice but to go along.

As for Lewis, his original purpose was not very clear. Thus, he didn't overthink Frank's attitude and followed him like the other people.

After everyone set out, the Cloud Hall's disciple standing in situ suddenly raised his head, smiled strangely in a certain direction, and then stretched his hand to squeeze something hard between his fingers in the air, as if he were crumbling something into pieces. Then he clapped his hands gently and followed the others.

The action resulted in the disappearance of the picture being broadcasted on the Picture Slab, which was placed at the entrance of the Cloud Road!

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