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   Chapter 570 The Picture On The Picture Slab Disappeared (Part One)

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Zen smiled slightly and remained silent when he heard Frank.

In comparison to Zen's indifference, Rocher looked rather angry and said, "Gosh! This guy is too cocky!"

"If Frank says you're in his way, then you are in his way. If you want to survive on Death Road, you'd better do as told!" Lois, Frank's fiancee, warned Rocher when she heard what he said.

Rocher pouted and wanted to retort, but Zen stopped him. He then heard Zen say, "Forget it, Rocher! Since Frank is so confident of his strength, we're happy to watch him defeat the Flying Yaksha alone."

Both Zen and Rocher were at the nature level, and before showing their real strength, they did look like weaker that of any average disciple from the Cloud Hall.

However, sometimes, being underestimated by others was not a bad thing, especially on the Death Road, a dangerous area. Since Frank was willing to be the hero and block the attacks of the golden Flying Yaksha himself, it would be advantageous for Zen and Rocher as they wouldn't have to fight. They could simply watch him.

Lewis, who was standing next to Zen, did not speak. Although he had outstanding strength, Lewis was not very bold. Otherwise, he would not have given up the treasure box in the second tier so easily.

"Oh, right! We need to check if Patrick is all right first. He has been attacked by the Flying Yaksha thrice. I'm worried he might have been hurt," said Zen. Concerned, he hurriedly walked to the edge of the big pit in search of Patrick.

By the time they reached the edge, Patrick had climbed up. The golden light protecting him was slowly fading away. Although he did not appear to have been badly hurt, he looked a mess and was covered with dirt. Meanwhile, his breath seemed a little weaker.

"Patrick, are you all right?" Zen asked, genuinely worried.

"Zen! Rocher! You guys are here, too!" At the sight of his two companions, Patrick exclaimed excitedly. Joy reflected in his expression. Unlike

ed on his handsome face. If one looked carefully, they would see a small smile on Frank's lips.

If he kept retreating, Frank would be driven into a dead-end corner with a boulder about twenty feet high. Then, the onlookers noticed Frank sneering before stepping closer to the boulder and kicking it. The force with which Frank kicked the boulder was so tremendous that it left a deep pit in the boulder.

With the force of the kick, somehow, Frank's body maintained a straight line with his spear and began to spin fast.

As Frank's body spun, a whirling vortex formed at the tip of his white spear. It continuously absorbed the spear intent and created a highly condensed strong energy!

As the strong energy was not condensed with life vitality, but with the spear intent of consummate grade, the power it contained was beyond imaginable.

"I didn't know that the spear intent could be used in this way," Zen said in surprise. He then exchanged a glance with Rocher. The expression on their faces showed that they had been enlightened.

Although Zen and Rocher had figured out the sword intent of the consummate grade, they had not tried to condense sword intent to that extreme extent. This was for several reasons, including the fact that their knowledge about sword intent was limited.

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