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   Chapter 569 The Flying Yaksha (Part Two)

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The beast then pounced on Frank!

It was three meters high, large, and bulky but quite agile. Flapping its wings, it swooped down upon Frank repeatedly.

Despite being under attack by the fierce beast, Frank was still very calm. He continuously hit with his spear every time the beast struck at him.

"Sky-breaking Thrust!"

"Recurring Thrust!"

"Circling Thrust!"

Each time the spear lunged forward, it hit one of the beast's palms. After several thrusts, the palms of that violent beast were bleeding profusely.

"Frank, go get it!"

Shouted a woman who was standing on the side together with a group of people.

Since Zen and the other two hadn't met any female disciple in the Cloud Hall before, they assumed she was from the Iridescence Sect.

"She is Lois Jin from the Iridescence Sect. I heard that she is engaged to Frank, so she must be Frank's fiancée," Lewis came out to explain.

'Smart guy.' Shaking his head, Zen gave a smile. 'This Lewis does like gabbling and self-talking. Still, he is quite well-informed, ' he thought to himself.

Being tall, slender, and otherworldly good-looking, Lois looked like a perfect match for Frank. The two seemed destined to be with each other.

"Let's go to them. Seems that Frank's got enough strength to tackle that beast," Zen suggested. Then, the three walked towards the group.

At that point, Lois and her league happened to notice Zen and his companions. They all looked astounded, apparently taken aback by the fact that there were more people who dared to enter the Death Road other than themselves.

After observing the fight between Frank and the beast even for a while, Zen thought that Frank had it all under control, so they simply decided to hit the road. However, something unexp

e, you'll just get in my way!" Frank said as he brandished the spear in his hand. Apparently, the arrival of Zen and his companions would not be of any help for Frank. He believed they would be a drag on his team.

After all, the three were fairly low-ranked—one was merely at the third grade of the nature level, one had just consummated the natural level, and the other one was at the first grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm. They should have known better than to step onto the Death Road. Now that they did, they were just extra burdens for Frank.

From his perspective, Lois and Patrick were the only two eligible to fight by his side. As to Zade Zhou from the Brumous Sect, he would have died a thousand times if not for Frank's protection.

Frank was very confident about his strength, though he was rather arrogant. Since he had absolute power, he didn't mind taking care of a few more people.

But if others wanted to butt in on his fight, they should first ask themselves if they had the same strength as him.

And it was evident that Zen did not have that kind of strength. Therefore, Frank chose to confront the transfigured Flying Yaksha on his own.

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