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   Chapter 568 The Flying Yaksha (Part One)

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Flames from the hell suddenly blazed up, lightening almost half of the night sky.

Zen and the other two ran to the Karma Fire, breaking down branches and twigs on the way as they moved along. Even the trunks of thousand-year trees were instantly chopped into pieces by the consummate sword intent.

As Lewis saw Zen advancing like that, the corners of his mouth twitched, 'That two are just unbelievable! They both have the consummate sword intent. Are they really from a second-rate sect?'

Although Lewis was a babbling kind of guy, he was quite confident about his strength. Although he was able to come all the way there, he still had a feeling of having no advantage over Zen and Rocher.

Despite that, Lewis had something he was always proud of. 'If I let my power out all at a time, I may have a chance against them, ' he thought to himself.

As Zen and the other two got out of the woods, they were astonished at the scene that had unveiled in front of their eyes.

There was a crater with a radius of 1000 feet and was stretching outside the woods. It looked like it was caused by a fierce battle. At the middle of the crater, a blazing bright Green Lotus Karma Fire enveloped Patrick. He was fighting against a beast!

The beast had two wings on its back, a horn protruding from its forehead and a face of a bear. It was standing on its two hind legs, basking in a pool of silver light.

Patrick's Karma Fire was well-known in the Cloud Sect. Last time, Zen successfully threw off Patrick's Karma Fire only because of his special spiritual weapon-like body. Plus, at that time, he didn't take the Green Lotus Karma Fire head on but was simply immune to its power.

However, the beast had successfully resisted the scotching Karma Fire

en, he ought to do it; if the opponent was out of his league, he should work harder to catch up with him and be on his team.

In fact, Rocher did the same thing. When he found he could not surpass Zen, he chose to follow Zen's paces and try to keep up with him. If Zen scored something, he would certainly gain some achievement as well. For Rocher, it was a helpless choice, but it was indeed the smart one.

Given that some people were simply born with special talents or strong physic, no one could deny the fact that there was always someone more able, perfect, and powerful in the world.

Thus, whether Zen would finally outpace or follow behind Frank, one thing was for sure–he just needed to challenge Frank.

However, now wasn't the right time. With so many unknown creatures attacking them as they proceeded down the Death Road, Zen was left with no choice but to help those in the same boat as him.


The beast that had warded off the Green Lotus Karma Fire was hit by the spear! That white spear penetrated through the beast's arm.

A ferocious look surfaced from its face and suddenly let out a deafening howl, making everyone's ears tingle.

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