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   Chapter 567 Twists And Turns (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-06-27 13:31

Now, Lewis regretted that he hadn't obtained the blue treasure box. If he had gone all out to take it and had sucked the nine-headed dragon's blood vigor, his small wound would've healed immediately.

They had reached the dark jungle, but they barely saw anything except the tiny glimmers of light. They only moved forward by instinct.

Lewis had shut up this time. It was a critical moment and he wasn't dumb, otherwise he wouldn't have had such a high strength level. He would be headed towards an early grave if he dared to rant or even speak in such place.

They had only walked in the dark and quiet jungle for a short while before they suddenly heard something swish in the air and shoot towards them.


The sound was faint but Zen had heard it.

"Be careful!" Lewis reminded. Fortunately, Zen had reacted quickly.

He reached out his hand and pulled Rocher back. Then, they saw a small, dark narrow shadow brush past them. However, it grazed past Rocher and hurt his arm.

The fabric that covered Rocher's arm was cut open and revealed a small scratch on the skin.

"What's that?"

Rocher held his Blood-corroding Sword in his hand and cautiously looked around.

The small black shadow didn't seem to be a hidden weapon like a dart, since they all saw it swerve its direction after it hit Rocher, and disappeared into the jungle again. It was more like some kind of creature.

Meanwhile, Lewis sniffed the air and his eyes widened. "I saw it. It is a kind of a tiny bat. It has very thin, sharp wings like a blade. This kind of blade bat has hurt Rocher," he suddenly blurted out.

"How did you see that?"

other better choices. They went through the vortex. An explosive sound was heard when they landed, followed by blazing flames that rose up in the air.

"It is the Karma Fire!" Zen screamed. He had recognized it at first sight. The flames were the Green Lotus Karma Fire from Patrick.

But, who was he fighting against? This trick was Patrick's trump card that he usually didn't utilize until someone forced him to do so. When Patrick had initiated his Acalanatha shadow, this technique was only usable again after several days. Moreover, he usually didn't employ it unless he was in great danger. It was clear that Patrick was in a tough situation.

"Who is Patrick fighting against?" Zen asked as he looked at the direction where the flames came from. "I don't know. Let's go check!"

Zen strode forward and moved quickly to where the flames were from. They were rivals in Cloud Sect back then, but they were all now in Cloud Road.

They were in the same team now since they all came from Cloud Sect. Thus, Zen naturally thought that he must help Patrick at this critical moment.

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