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   Chapter 565 A Dead End

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Gazing at the Sea of Raging Fire, Zen got lost in thought again. His heart sank, as he realized that the difficulty level of the Cloud Road test was higher than he had expected.

Now he understood why the previous hidden test had been so difficult.

The Death Road was a concealing test, too. Compared to Life Road, it was tougher. Since the difficulty level of the test was much higher, the Death Road seemed to have become a dead end.

Few passed the test. This led to this test bearing the name Death Road test.

Since the test was so difficult, besides competence and power, luck was also a vital virtue. Zen figured out that the secret of the Cloud Road might lie in the Death Road, "Let's take the Death Road too," he said to Rocher.

The platform was not huge and most of the practitioners were on it, waiting to try their luck. When they heard Zen was about to pick the Death Road, a distrustful expression appeared on their faces.

'Are you joking?

Frank and Lois are powerful, so they have a slim chance of passing the Death Road. However, as a practitioner at the third grade of the nature level, how dare you take the same road?' Everyone was of the same opinion, but none of them reminded or warned Zen and they just let him have his way.

Zen had nothing to do with them, so they didn't care about whether he would be alive or dead at all.

Although more than a hundred stones had broken on the Life Road, the practitioners could find a way by pooling the wisdom and efforts of everyone together.

For example, earlier, the female disciple of Iridescence Sect formed a provisional road for the practitioners by condensing the lava with her own cultivation method. This induced a cooling effect and that would bring help. If the practitioners who possessed such skills could cooperate well, they would be able to jump onto the Life Road. The practitioners were discussing how to cooperate by using resources they had and how to control the timing, so that they could reach the destination earlier and with no strain.

Rocher pondered for a short moment. However, before he could answer, Lewis who had been consulting in the crowd and getting ideas moved closer to Zen. He shouted, "Excellent idea! I'll pick the Death Road too!"

Zen rolled his eyes in disbelief. He knew it was difficult to get rid of Lewis. Since he offered to join him, Zen had no option but to agree.

"Then, count me in!" Rocher said. He had been hesitant when Patrick asked him to go with him. Maybe in his eyes, he had a better chance to pass the test by cooperating with Zen.

When the tide of the Sea of Raging Fire fell, the other pr

n't want to die!" Lewis cried out while he was running.

"Oh, no! I have a promising future and I don't want to drown in the Sea of Raging Fire!

Mom, please forgive me! My wish of always taking care of you has been cut short. I can't take good care of you any longer..."

When Lewis was screaming his lungs out, Rocher had already jumped onto another stone. He turned around, grabbed Lewis by the collar and then pulled out a sword from his back before placing it against Lewis' neck.

"Stop screaming! Or this will be the end of you!"

Rocher wasn't a blabbermouth like Lewis, and he wasn't that patient like Zen. So, when he faced the Death Road and the rising lava, he felt a great deal of pressure.

Besides being very verbose, Lewis had also been used to calming his nerves by screaming when he was under ordeals.

Just like someone would pull his hair or keep on eating when they felt nervous.

While releasing his own stress, Lewis conveyed his pressure to Rocher and Zen.

"No, don't kill me! I promise to keep my mouth shut. Is that okay with you?" Lewis pleaded.

In fact, if not because he hadn't been defenseless, with Lewis' current competence, Rocher wouldn't have caught him so easily.

Rocher wouldn't end his life. He grunted and threw him onto the stone before proceeding.

Zen looked at Lewis with a slight smirk on his face and shook his head. He then followed Rocher forward. Lewis still drew a long face but kept his silence. He had to be still.

As they were approaching the end of the Death Road, the lava tide was closer to them. It distressed them and their hearts pounded. If the lava tide rose to a certain level, that would be their end. They held their breath as they waited for the turn of events.

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