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   Chapter 562 The Inheritance From The Blood Fiend Emperor

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For cultivators, destiny was only an illusion.

But many cultivators tended to believe in destiny. That was why in the cultivators' world, there had been a profession related to destiny. People engaging in this profession were called destiny masters and they claimed to help cultivators improve their destiny.

Nevertheless, most cultivators sneered at destiny masters and thought that all theories about destiny were false. For the lack of a better word, destiny masters were swindlers. Many cultivators spent a great deal of money in hiring destiny masters to better their fate before they took on adventures in some mysterious areas but still were often heard to have died tragically and miserably.

Therefore, the existence of destiny was still rather controversial and no definite conclusion had been reached.

People in the same rank as Kenneth and Fernandez usually believed in the existence of destiny. But it was impossible for them to find "destiny masters", who dared not to cheat on them either.

Speaking of this, Zen had been able to escape from that puppet's assaults just because of his own destiny.

People with good destiny were always not that easy to kill. They could even survive on the verge of death.

The sect heads and Fernandez had great admirations for Zen's destiny aside from his success for having gained the silver treasure box.

This big world was full of wonders. There were mysterious, dangerous, and ominous places. Despite great dangers, there were great opportunities to be gained from these areas. The higher the risk, the greater the rewards could be. It would all depend on if one would be willing to risk his own life to get the rewards.

"Some years ago, the head of Cloud Hall opened the silver treasure box. Today, Zen will open one as well," Fernandez said, heaving a long and heavy sigh. Soon enough, he added, "I feel that I have to report this to my superior."

When Kenneth heard these words out of Fernandez's mouth, his heart got filled with great joy. If Zen could have a great reputation, that only meant more benefits for Kenneth. There was no doubt that Kenneth would benefit more if Zen's performances could arouse the interests of the Cloud Hall head.

Standing in front of the silver treasure box, Zen could not hide the excitement on his face.

Lennon knew about the value of this silver treasure box, but Zen didn't and had no idea that the first silver treasure box was opened by the Cloud Hall head.

Zen only knew that he got the silver treasure box as a fruit of all the hardships he had gone through.

He would surely think highly of the treasure chest because it was obtained through hardships and efforts.


The click of opening the box was like music to Zen's ears. It was the sweetest he had heard so far.

Zen was expecting to find inside the box something that he could directly integrate into his body to enhance his physical strengths. But beyond his expectation, he found a dark green jade slip inside.

The color suggested that it was made of the purest jade.

"Is this a rare book abou

, Zen had gone to the Killing Sword Mountain. To acquire, practice, and master the killing way, one would require malicious aura.

Now, Zen had stored some malicious aura in the Killing Sword Mountain. To give play to the might of malicious aura, Zen had to practice a cultivation method related to it. Thus, the Malicious Wheel of Life and Death proved to be very useful for Zen.

Zen badly wished that he could sit down right away to practice the Malicious Wheel of Life and Death, but since he was now on the Cloud Road, it was unrealistic for him to cultivate there.

It was not until this moment that Zen suddenly felt his hands and feet itchy. Only after this did he notice that the wounds on both his hands and feet were even healing slowly.

"Hey, these wounds are healing fast!" mumbled Zen out of astonishment.

Earlier, that puppet's four claws had left large wounds on Zen's wrists and limbs and he never expected the wounds to heal quickly. But now, the blood had started to coagulate, and scabs began to form on the wounds.

All this should be attributed to blood vigor of the nine-headed dragon. It was said that even if one head of the dragon was cut off, the dragon could still survive and the head would regenerate. The most amazing gift of it was its ability to regenerate. With the help of his mighty power and blood circulation, Zen physically could recover faster. Thus, his wounds healed more quickly.

Letting his wounds heal on their own, he now shifted his attention to his next target, the gold treasure box.

But this time, Zen acted more cautiously. He wanted to obtain not only the gold treasure box, but also the black one, because he was now sure that each box had something that would benefit him.

Having put his life in danger to obtain the silver treasure box let Zen know what to expect in obtaining the gold and black treasure boxes. He guessed that it would be more difficult to get these boxes.

Did he have to take even these two boxes? Or would he be contented with the silver box he had just obtained?

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