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   Chapter 561 Space Teleportation

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In the past, Zen didn't absorb all the heavenly essence because he had already decided to sell the rest of these to accumulate more cubic crystals.

When he was in the Eastern Region, his strength from more than a hundred dragon scales was already sufficient to fight off the few opponents matched against him. He could easily beat his foe whether he was of the same level as Zen or if he was a master of the Illuminating Soul Realm.

But at the moment, this strength seemed inadequate for fighting off the puppet. Zen wished he had some idea about the puppet's combat style earlier so he could have absorbed more heavenly essence. If it were only possible to light five hundred dragon scales now, or even more, he would be able to tear the puppet into pieces by hand.

However, each time Zen thought about his physical strength, he almost always forgot certain considerations.

Because of the tremendous strength of dragon scales, the young disciple needed to consider how much of it his body could bear. If his body was unable to withstand the power of five hundred dragon scales, he might be torn apart before he could tear his opponent into pieces.

Although his body as a spiritual weapon was extremely strong, there was the danger it could collapse if there was too much power in it.

Coming back down to earth, Zen couldn't break away from the puppet's claws now, but he noticed one detail about the puppet.

It seemed to be fixing itself with only two sharp blades on its feet, which meant that it wouldn't be easy for the puppet to stand firmly and keep itself from falling.

Looking at the awl as it inched closer to his heart, Zen moved backward with all his strength, and the puppet suddenly began to sway. Then he leaned slightly towards the puppet with a swaying angle, which forced his opponent to pull the two sharp blades on its feet out from the stone platform to balance its body!

Suddenly, the harsh sound of blades rubbing at the stone platform assaulted Zen's senses.

Grabbing Zen's hands, the puppet retreated a few steps and reeled right and left as it took each step, while the sharp blades in its feet bored holes one after another into the stone platform.

Standing firmly on the blades was awkward for the puppet, and Zen's intense struggling to escape made it shake even more violently.

As the puppet kept on retreating, Zen was getting closer and closer to the silver treasure box, and as soon as he touched this, the combat would be over. And it seemed he was very close to succeeding.

What happened next took Zen completely by surprise. When the puppet couldn't hold its balance as it continued to retreat, a long hook suddenly darted out from near its foot and shot straight into the platform. Aside from the hook, there were two spikes at its end that were firmly embedded on the stone platform.

"Damn it! Its..."

Flustered, Zen couldn't help but let out expletives.

When an opponent was so powerful that he couldn't win by strength alone, Zen could only turn to his ingenuity. But under the present circumstances, it was difficult for him to make use of creativity. And the last thing he expected was for the puppet to quickly figure out a way to deal with the situation.

'This puppet is very smart!

Does it have inherent wisdom?' Zen wondered. 'Or, is there a human s

aren't you?"

At the question, the sound of blades rubbing the stone platform suddenly stopped.

And the puppet halted all of a sudden and stood still.

"I know you're in this puppet. If you have any way to release yourself from the puppet, I can help you, as long as you tell me what I can do for you," Zen continued.

After a few seconds, the puppet started to move again and walked towards its cave.

As long as a human soul remained implanted into a puppet, that person would become indestructible and even immortal. And while it sounded good, it wasn't all that great. After all, living in a puppet was a terrible experience for human beings. At that time, death wasn't what the human soul feared anymore. Instead, what was more dreadful for them was being alive.

What came to mind was Saul. Zen remembered how excited Saul was to see him when he got into the fairy palace. The disciple eventually learned from Saul that living as a puppet for tens of millions of years was terrible! So Zen was quite aware of the horrors of living as a puppet.

And this made him think that the soul inside this puppet could be having a problem similar to Saul's. Unfortunately, it seemed that this puppet was only programmed to kill, but not communicate with Zen. If indeed there was a human soul inside the puppet, it should be able to communicate with others, unless the soul was also sealed.

"Hahaha!" Kenneth broke into laughter. He was standing beneath an arch at the entrance of Cloud Road, shaking in laughter.

Joining him in laughter was Fernandez, who shook his head at the same time. "Unbelievable! Unbelievable! There is always a way out! As soon as he got into the space, Zen had the ability to find these black lines, so he was able to save his life now by taking advantage of it. It's amazing!"

"Zen is one lucky boy! Imagine being able to escape the puppet's clutches!" Kenneth excitedly declared. Just a few seconds ago, he believed that Zen would certainly meet his end this time. He didn't expect there to be a space flaw for the young warrior to use. It was fortunate that Zen had mentally grasped the Space Law and managed to escape from the puppet when he took advantage of this knowledge.

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