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   Chapter 560 When All Hope Was Lost

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Using his strength, Zen waved the Streamer Sword to create silver shadows and cut through the puppet's waist.


It was a good hit! But unexpectedly, Zen didn't even scratch the puppet's body. It seemed to be made of some hard metals. Zen could feel his hands becoming a little numb from the sword's vibration.

"It's so tough. Even a fairy weapon can't cut it!"

Before Zen could wave his sword for the second time, the puppet started to move. Its body slightly tilted, and the rapidly rotating blades rushed towards Zen.

Two blades were too fast for the naked eyes to see. They almost looked like silver plates that reflected too much light.


In the face of the incoming knives, Zen stepped back swiftly. He rolled to the ground, barely avoiding the attack of the puppet.

He thought he was safe, but to his surprise, the puppet started to make the knives cut through the ground. It was aiming to cut the platform into two so Zen would fall!

The puppet was too smart as if it had a mind of its own.

Usually, a human-made puppet could only follow the simplest instruction. It would get confused if the instruction was a little complicated.

But this puppet was different. After it forced Zen back, he knew to cut the platform to make Zen fall off. Apparently, it had the ability to think.

Zen didn't have much time to think about it. His main objective now was not to fall off the platform, not because he was afraid of the disciples from Cloud Hall waiting for him outside the enchanted barrier, but because he wouldn't get the silver box if he fell. Moreover, Zen also wanted to try for the gold boxes above. He wasn't sure if he'd make it to the black box, but it was worth the try. He would not give up once there was a chance.

Zen was not too ambitious and had a good attitude. He was always determined to give his best to seize any opportunity. But if after all his effort he could still not obtain it, that meant that he wasn't strong or lucky enough. Zen would always accept defeat humbly.

Take for example the fairy place hidden in the Eastern Region. Apparently, it was a very good chance for Zen. However, he was only the temporary owner of it. If Zen would really become the owner of it, he could benefit much more. But he didn't insist further because he knew his strength and capacity.

It was important to do something hard, but sometimes self-consciousness was more crucial!

Today was different though. He felt that he had a chance on this one, so there was no way he would let it pass without giving it a try.

The puppet was still cutting the platform. Zen heard a harsh sound and saw rubble flying in all directions. With the current pace of the puppet, the part stretching out of the cliff had already been cut in half. And if the puppet continued with its pace, the platform would soon fall off due to its own weight.

"Stop cutting!"

in extra good chances. He seemed to be ignorant at what he could achieve being only at the third grade of the nature level.

Fernandez sighed while shaking his head, "With its purplish metallic color, I can tell that the puppet is made of 'Purple Dark Iron'. This material is used to make extremely hard top-grade fairy weapons. It will be impossible for Zen to break out from the puppet."

Seeing Kenneth's pale white face, Fernandez didn't say more. He could only say much and only hoped that Zen had other methods to escape from the puppet and jumped off the platform.

In such a situation, no one had thought about the silver box at the other end of the platform. They were all focused on Zen and wondered if he could escape. Even if he obtained the box, there would be no use if he was already dead.

Could Zen escape from the puppet? Or was it his end?

Meanwhile, Zen was thinking hard. After all he'd been through, he wouldn't let a puppet kill him.

With all his limbs trapped, he had no choice. Out of the blue, Zen shouted. As his voice echoed, all his energy burst out. All the dragon scales on his body lit up simultaneously and raging power filled his body in a second.

Then Zen was trying to shrink his body despite the pain. He was too desperate to escape from the puppet regardless of the consequences. It was all or nothing for him now.

But the puppet remained still. From there, Zen realized the huge gap between his power and the puppet's. He felt like a kid trying to kick down a sturdy tree.

It was hopeless. At that moment, Zen felt like he could do nothing. His eyes lay on the ground and suddenly, his eyes lit up. He noticed that the puppet fixed itself on the ground by planting knives into the platform. Zen wasn't sure of his plan but it was the best he had right now. There was no loss in trying after all. For the first time, he stopped struggling and lay down on the ground calmly.

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