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   Chapter 558 The Blood Vigor Of A Nine-headed Dragon

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The disciples from Cloud Hall at the base of the cliff were stunned by Zen's astounding performance.

They had imagined many possible ways to withstand that flame, but nobody had ever thought that someone would dare to and be able to pass through it in this way.

"It seems that his body is immune to fire. Gosh, I didn't know there was something like this in this world!" some disciples couldn't help but blurt out in astonishment.

Lennon, who was standing on a rock, fell silent as he stared at Zen. He revealed no emotion on his face—it was as if he were numb with shock.

As a disciple of Cloud Hall, he knew how difficult it was to reach each of those treasure chests. According to the tales he had heard, the one who had been the furthest was the head of the Cloud Hall who had managed to reach a silver treasure chest.

Now, Zen was about to succeed in opening a blue treasure chest. It was highly likely that Zen would reach the silver ones next.

Lennon thought, 'But, he is just at the third grade of the nature level. Does it mean that he has greater potential than me?'

Lennon understood that he was no match for Frank, but he could hardly convince himself that he was weaker than this young man from a grade two sect.

Immediately, Lennon felt his heart flooding with many complex emotions, including resentment and reluctance. It was difficult for him to accept this fact.

The flame on the cliff was being belched out by a magical device, but it couldn't threaten Zen as his body was covered with gold runes.

All that he needed to look out for was the second-phase attack in this cave—the huge fireball.

That man in a cloak had been chased away by that huge fireball after he passed the flame, and Zen wouldn't repeat the mistake.


The flame gradually went out as he moved on. Zen became more cautious as he knew that the second-phase attack was imminent.

Unlike the man in the cloak who had approached the treasure chest rashly, Zen was calm and composed as he stared at the cave.

Those who tried to chance their luck usually lacked confidence in themselves, and that was why their efforts would fail. If that guy in the cloak had tried his best and employed all of his means when he confronted the fireball, he might have managed to get the treasure.

Zen stopped at a distance from the treasure chest. He held the Streamer Sword in his hand and created six demonic phantoms around his body.

Although his demonic phantom wasn't his most powerful means, it was useful on many different occasions and was convenient to use.

As soon as the flame disappeared, a ray of red light shone from inside the cave. After that, Zen heard the sound of a rolling rock coming from in front.


With a loud rumble, a huge fireball appeared out of the blue and shot toward Zen with unstoppable momentum.

The platform on which Zen stood was very narrow while the rolling fireball was as tall as Zen. There was no place for him to hide at all.

With the huge fireball approaching him quickly, Zen d

side the blue chest could strengthen a cultivator's vigor. He had seen the process, and he knew that Zen's heart had become much stronger after the blood shadow merged with him.

Fernandez shook his head as he watched the scene in the Picture Slab. He said, "God, it's a blood vigor of a nine-headed dragon! What's more, it's a mature nine-headed dragon! Does this remind you of something?"

"Elder Osmond used to be chased by an enemy who cut his hands in their fight. He ran away at full speed and evaded the enemy. After three days, when he returned, his hands had recovered. Although his new hands were still weaker than the ones he lost, he managed to kill his enemy with a surprise attack." Kenneth nodded at Fernandez's question before sharing the story. He was Osmond's best friend, and so, he remembered this matter.

"We all know that Osmond has a powerful vigor, but few of us know that it's due to this treasure inside the blue treasure chest. The blood vigor of the nine-headed dragon can strengthen the vigor of a cultivator. Zen is fortunate enough to get it." The head of the Auspice Sect said with a sigh. He felt it was a pity that Lewis didn't get it.

Fernandez smiled and said, "Well, maybe it's just a part of it. I bet that Zen is unsatisfied even though he has the blood vigor. His next goal is the silver treasure chest. The head of Cloud Hall was the only one to open a silver treasure chest. I wonder whether Zen will also get it..."

"Huh, are you kidding?" Lady Long interrupted with a cold sneer, "It is just dumb luck that he reached the blue one. You say that he still wants to open a silver one? Maybe in his next life!"

"What do you mean by that, Lady? Zen didn't do anything wrong to irritate you, nor did he contend against Frank, your disciple's fiance. Why do you keep making disparaging comments about him? Do you think that I, the head of Cloud Sect, am deaf to your words?" Kenneth shouted with fury. He had tried to endure Lady Long's sarcasm, but he couldn't contain his temper anymore.

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