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   Chapter 556 Outraged

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Surprisingly, an enormous fire ball rolled out from the inside of the cave.

The ball was as tall as a man and as dangerous as a falling stone from Heaven. It flew towards Lewis who stood outside the cave. If he was hit directly, he would be blown to pieces.

Lewis lamented his lost chance to open the blue treasure box himself. He was quite close to his target when the fire ball came.

However, he had to retreat. Otherwise, he would have been burnt into ashes and died.

He managed to move around and avoid the burning ball, but in turn he fell from the platform.

"Such a pity. He was so close to success!"

The old man in white clothes from the Auspice Sect said remorsefully as he patted his leg.

"He would've surely gotten it if he had just extended his arms further or stood a bit closer to it," Fernandez added and shook his head.

However, other masters felt differently. Lewis' failure even pleased some of them.

"Prepare to finish this guy!" The disciples of Cloud Hall watched him closely and readied to strike.

Suddenly, someone hurriedly shouted. "Don't be a fool! Get out of here before it's too late!" The disciples from the Cloud Hall scrambled in different directions. The fireball was a giant flaming stone with an extremely high temperature.

The disciples had planned to use the Twelve Earthly Branches Array against the guy in the cloak, but the burning fireball suddenly appeared and foiled their plan. They had to quickly undo the array to avoid the risk.

Lennon didn't expect this as well. He had to abandon the Twelve Earthly Branches Array against his will, even though he was the best among the disciples of the Cloud Hall. He was confident that he could deal with the guy in the cloak even without the help of the array. Therefore, he decided to personally defeat the guy in the cloak.

However, the guy in the cloak moved when they failed to establish the array. His cloak unfolded and revealed huge bird wings. He flapped them, flew high above, went past the forest, and then disappeared completely. Lennon lost his chance to catch him.

"There's no escape from this. He still has a long way to go, I'll find him eventually one way or another," Lennon said coldly. Suddenly, he sensed someone or something's presence.

A figure appeared from the other side of the valley and approached the enchanted barrier just as he cursed the cloak guy's escape.

"Look, it's the guy who is at the third grade of nature level," a disciple from the Cloud Hall who first saw the newcomer shouted excitedly. However, Lennon didn't seem pleased.

"Keep quiet, kid. I've seen him already," he scolded the fussy disciple. Other disciples from the Cloud Hall now turned their attention to Lennon and looked at him with surprise. Lennon's real strength had always been beyond their imagination, and he was calm and confident all the time. It looked like nothing could interest or annoy him at all.

On t

Six demonic phantoms bravely faced the sharp wind blades. The cloaked guy successfully dodged the dangerous blades with his surprisingly fast agility, while Zen just used his indestructible body.

Two demonic phantoms blocked the wind blades and were repeatedly cut in the process.

Although the phantoms had a solid and sturdy built, there were marks left on their bodies.

As time passed, the two demonic phantoms in the front couldn't bear the damages any longer. They finally shattered and broke.

When the two phantoms disappeared, another two phantoms took their places. They continued to block the wind blades and shelter Zen. He had six phantoms. The two shattered ones re-shaped themselves and waited for their time to replace the others.

Meanwhile in the forest, Lewis had taken off his cloak and revealed his handsome face. His hair was red, and a wicked smile lit up his features. He was widely considered the most charming man in Auspice Sect.

He didn't escape, although Lennon was really outraged. He chose to hide himself in the forest and see what would happen next. Only a confident disciple dared to risk his life just to have some fun.

Lewis was in good mood. It seemed that nothing would depress him, not even when he failed to acquire the blue treasure box.

"Such an interesting guy! How could he work out such a method to block the sharp wind blades? Those six sculptures shaped like humans are quite weird. Whenever they shattered, they would re-shape themselves. If I'm not mistaken, he's already practicing the tier-5 martial arts skills. I thought I might meet some competent rivals, such as Lennon and Frank, although neither of them is capable of winning against me. But a guy who just reached the third-grade of nature level unexpectedly showed such amazing inner energy and remarkable abilities. Perhaps I have underestimated other cultivators and martial arts practitioners all over the world," Lewis sighed.

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