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   Chapter 555 The Blue Treasure Box

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"Hooo... hooo... hooo..."

The wind kept blowing violently out of the cave, whistling with strong gusts like an ancient behemoth's breaths.

It whipped across Lewis' cloak and made rustling noises, but the man's feet were stable as if deeply rooted on the stone platform, so no matter how hard the wind blew, he was unmoving, standing steady as a mountain!

"That guy..."

Disciples from Cloud Hall were stunned as they watched Lewis, whom they never thought to be so powerful that he would choose to face the wind's momentum head on.

"Hooo... hooo... hooo..."

After Lewis resisted the first attack of strong gusts, the wind suddenly increased momentum and blew more violently. Aside from the increasingly brutal onslaught of air, there were wind blades rushing towards Lewis.

"Wind blades? Good! Cut him to pieces!"

a Cloud Hall's disciple shouted.

With his head covered by a cloak, the other disciples couldn't see Lewis' expression. However, because of the blast from the wind blades, he was suddenly moving in a very unusual way.

Commonly, when there was a blast of strong wind, a person would even get blown away as long as he retreated slightly. Surprisingly, Lewis remained firmly in place.

The audience saw him slowly zigzagging his way forward. Because of the strange way he was walking, he successfully avoided the frontal attack of the wind blades. But he didn't retreat, and moved along the stone platform one step at a time, towards the red treasure box!

'What strange steps! The cloak boy may be adopting the method that sailors use when sailing against the current!' Zen thought. He was closely observing Lewis' movement and then suddenly, his eyes brightened.

If an experienced sailor wanted to row upstream in the water, he would not paddle against the wind. The better option was for him to row sideways as if zigzagging, to effectively make use of the upwind's pressure to help him move forward. The boats would always move forward in a zigzag whenever these were sailing against the current.

Cleverly, the boy in a cloak was using the same principle to move along. The strategy was two-pronged: the wind's force did not hold him back, and to a certain extent it even served as additional support, and at the same time, it helped him evade the wind blades.

"Wow, the cloak boy is so brilliant!" Zen exclaimed. He was very impressed by how Lewis succeeded in fighting off the strong winds.

On the other hand, the faces of Cloud Hall's disciples turned deathly gray. No one ever imagined how the cloak boy was able to escape being harmed by the wind blades. But what was more astonishing was that Lewis wasn't retreating but instead moving forward against the wind.

The Cloud Hall's disciple, who was earlier blown away by the violent wind, was the most astonished among his group. Initially, he felt disappointed, unwilling to admit his failure, which he attributed mainly to lack of preparation time. But now it seemed that even if he had withstood the onslaught of the first gust of wind with sheer strength, he would not have coped with the second gust followed by the wind blades.

Obtaining the red treasure box was very tempting. But to do so, the challenge for anyone was as tough as reaching for the sky.

In fact, based on the number of treasure boxes being opened, one cou

If you go up, the heat can melt you within a few seconds!" another disciple spoke up.

Everyone watched as Lewis moved carefully, one small step at a time. There was Zen, and the many disciples from Cloud Hall staring at his figure attentively, as well as heads of all sects outside the Cloud Road.

They saw that he was aiming to get the legendary blue treasure box, and everyone there was astounded.

Back then, the Cloud Hall's head managed to take the silver treasure box, which was only a grade higher than the blue treasure box. But now, it was the cloak boy, who at such a young age, was able to get the blue treasure box. No wonder those heads of all sects envied him.

However, when Lewis was just a few feet away from the blue treasure box, the fire stopped abruptly.

Since Lewis was quite smart, he had figured out how the cave's mechanism worked. He knew that by opening the blue treasure box, the device would cease to function, and the assault against him would stop. He based this on what happened after he removed the red treasure box on the first floor. Then Lewis presumed there would be two attacks on this floor.

He noted that on the first floor, the first attack of the strong wind was triggered by the gale mechanism, while the second attack was a mixture of wind and wind blades.

So it was logical that with the fire mechanism found on the second floor, the first attack was in the form of a big fire. And although the second attack didn't happen, it would be something more terrifying than huge flames.

To resist the fire attack, Lewis tried every effort, including lying down on the ground. He assumed that he would be unable to ward off the second attack so the moment the fire stopped, he rushed towards the blue treasure box, attempting to snatch it as fast as he could before the launch of the second assault.

To quickly close the distance, Lewis leaped through even before the eye could blink. Then he stretched out a hand to seize the blue treasure box, but when his hand was only two or three inches away from the box, suddenly, a loud "boom!" shattered the air.

At the sound, Lewis' face changed dramatically. He acted like a nimble rabbit and quickly retreated.

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