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   Chapter 554 The Man In A Black Cloak

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Lennon shook his head and answered, "I'm afraid that's not possible. Each of us only has one chance to go there. And you can no longer get close to the cliff after you fall for the first time."

That was true. When the Hall Cloud disciple tried to get close to the cliff, he was blocked by an enchanted barrier. He rushed toward the enchanted barrier and bumped his head heavily leaving his forehead bleeding. Even the Water Wind Kill from the Twelve Earthly Branches Array could not break it.

"Everyone can only try once. If you fall, the enchanted barrier will not let you go in again. So, take your time. We can try one at a time," Lennon said.

Seeing what happened to the first disciple, the other disciples hesitated. They were reckless in the beginning because they thought the first one to try would get the best rewards. But now all of them saw how the first disciple failed. What could happen to the rest? From there, they realized that there was no need to hurry.

They decided to let others go first while the rest could watch. This way, they could assess the difficulty and come up with a plan on how to deal with it better. But none of them seemed to want to be the next one to try.

At that moment, a man wearing a black cloak suddenly appeared from the jungle. He rushed towards the cliff like a plume of black smoke.

"Who is that?"

Lennon's face sank at the sight of the man in a black cloak. He quickly took out a green Caltrop Pike. He pointed it to the man and tried to stab him swiftly.

Lennon was quick, but to everyone's surprise, he missed. The black figure was jumping forward the cliff, and when Lennon attacked, he stomped his feet midair and his body suddenly changed position.

Everyone knew that flying was not allowed in the Cloud Road. They assumed that the black figure also knew about this because he jumped to change direction. This was an unusual skill.

This made it difficult for Lennon to attack, hence he failed to stab him.

When they realized the possible threat, the other disciples took out their weapons. Meanwhile, the black figure continuously jumped in different directions. As the disciples attacked, he rolled himself to avoid the attack and continued rushing into the enchanted barrier in front of the cliff.

After he passed the enchanted barrier, he was finally safe. The enchanted barrier would be his shield from any outside attacks.

'That's an amazing skill!' Zen sighed to himself. His eyes widened in awe in the dark. Zen could not take his eyes off the strange man.

He didn't look like a disciple from the Cloud Hall but from one o

have the need to be jealous."

"Kenneth is right," Fernandez agreed and nodded his head. "The head of our Cloud Hall got the silver box. But you can't say the reason for our great leader's position and strength is just because of that silver box."

"What do you mean? It was our leader who got the silver box?!" The sect leaders were astonished. It was the first time that they had heard about it.

Fernandez nodded and replied, "Yes, but no one followed suit. And not to mention the gold and the black boxes. They remained unopened for the past years."

The leaders of the sects watched the boxes on the cliff through the Picture Slab. They all yearned for those boxes. Being as strong as they were now, it would be so easy to take away these boxes. But the Cloud Road did not allow them to enter for the second time. It was such a pity!

"Look! Lewis has jumped onto the first platform. As the rules of the cliff, one can only get one box of the same color. If Lewis gets a red one, his next target should be the blue one," Fernandez said slowly.

"Lewis, can take that red box! I know he can!" The head of Auspice Sect had high confidence in Lewis. Lewis Baili was his favorite disciple and the most outstanding talent of the Auspice Sect in thousands of years.

The platform Lewis was standing on was exactly the one the first disciple from the Cloud Hall chose but failed to take.

As soon as Lewis jumped on the platform, a sharp sound echoed from the cave. It meant that the fierce wind would appear very soon.

"Blow him off!"

"Let's wait until he falls down. We will cut him into pieces then!"

the disciples down the cliff shouted. Apparently, they were ready to attack Lewis anytime he fell off the cliff.

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