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   Chapter 553 The Real Challenge On The Cliff

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Zen also realized what their weak points were, so he didn't leave.

Although the young disciple in a white robe had great strength, Zen was not frightened of him at all. He would be bolder if the other twelve disciples hadn't formed the array of Twelve Earthly Branches.

He was in bad luck just now. He just hardly entered the valley when the twelve disciples formed the powerful array, and unfortunately, he was the first person that was attacked by it.

However, it was impossible for these disciples to keep this array all the time. Therefore, if he was careful enough to keep a proper distance from them, he would be relatively safe.

Lennon Zhao ordered the twelve disciples to continuously kill the ghost-faced spiders. There were many ghost-faced spiders covering almost every inch of the small island, but they died every time they were attacked by the array of Twelve Earthly Branches. Hence, eventually, the ghost-faced spiders were reducing in numbers.

After fifteen minutes, there were fewer ghost-faced spiders rushing from behind the woods. Finally, the surviving ghost-faced spiders realized that they could not defeat these disciples by the virtue of quantity, so they had fallen back to the woods.

After the ghost-faced spiders had disappeared, Lennon raised his hand and commanded with a wave, "Disperse!"

The shining circle of life vitality under their feet broke and disappeared. Then the twelve disciples relaxed their wrists and ankles. Finally, they could take a break.

The array of Twelve Earthly Branches had great strength, but it was difficult to form. It required a long time and great energy.

"Lennon, how to pass the hidden test? Are we here only to slaughter these ghost-faced spiders?" a disciple asked.

Lennon smiled faintly and said, "Of course not. The ghost-faced spider is only a small obstacle for us. The real challenge is on the cliff!"

"On the cliff?" the other Cloud Hall disciples simultaneously raised their heads and looked towards the precipice.

With a wave of his hand, Lennon ejected a swallow-shaped dart towards the precipice of the valley.


These disciples expected that the dart would penetrate the rock of the precipice with Lennon's strength.

However, to their surprise, the swallow-shaped dart bounced off a light screen the moment it touched the surface of the precipice.

"The enchanted barrier. What is going on?" a Cloud Hall disciple asked.

But this time, Lennon didn't say a word. Instead, he walked along the surface of the precipice and kept touching it.

Other disciples were curious about Lennon's weird behavior. They gathered together and looked at him. At the same time, Zen, who was hiding in a corner, also peered at him remotely. Altho

"Hoo hoo hoo... Hoo hoo hoo..."

The strong wind suddenly came out of the cave, blew that disciple and made him lose his balance. The disciple reacted quickly and used a technique to fix himself on the platform. However, it didn't work. He was being pushed to the edge of the platform by the strong wind.

Knowing that the technique was useless, he got down and tightly held onto a protuberance on the surface of the platform. Although the pressure decreased, he could still not even raise his head because the wind was too strong. He could only hold onto the rock platform with both his hands, but his joints had turned to pale because of overexertion.

It was a rare opportunity for the disciples to take part in the test on the Cloud Road and no one was willing to let the chance slip. The disciple was determined to get his hands on the treasure chest. He clenched his teeth and struggled in the wind.

Zen shook his head and thought, 'He can't do it.'

Lennon also shook his head. He was not surprised because he had expected that the first disciple would fail.

After struggling for about half a minute, that disciple could not resist the strong wind any longer and fell heavily from the rock platform.


Seeing what happened, the other disciples of Cloud Hall walked over and carried him up.

Those who cultivated martial arts had good physical quality, therefore, that disciple didn't get badly injured. After all, he was a master of Illuminating Soul Realm.

"I'll try again! I can't lose!" That disciple was not willing to quit. He thought that he just failed because he had never expected the wind to attack. If he could just resist the wind and try again, he might get the red treasure chest successfully.

As soon as he finished his words, that disciple rushed to the precipice once more.

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