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   Chapter 552 The Array Of Twelve Earthly Branches

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The first eight ghost-faced spiders jumped up and rushed to Zen. He could see their poisoned teeth with the black luster flashing. Apparently, there was rank poison hidden on them and if they bit him, he would be paralyzed or worst die instantly.

Zen was not afraid of the ghost-faced spiders' poisoned teeth. His body was a top-grade spiritual weapon and couldn't be invaded by any poison. He just thought that it was disgusting to be covered by such sick stuff.



Countless sword intent cyclones chopped the ghost-faced spiders.


Zen was surprised to hear metal clanging when his sword intent chopped the ghost-faced spiders.

"It is that hard?"

Zen's consummate sword intent was extremely sharp. However, it couldn't cut off the ghost-faced spiders' defense. It just chopped them away.

The ghost-faced spiders that Zen hit rolled several times on the ground but immediately climbed up in safety. As they opened their mouths, they created a buzzing sound and rushed to Zen again.

If Zen would exert all his strength, he could kill these ghost-faced spiders. He assessed that the spider's defensive power was weaker than the mobula's. But killing the spiders one at a time would take so much of his time.

So, Zen just drove them away with the sword intent, and then he moved forward on the way the disciples from the Cloud Hall had explored.

After escaping the ghost-faced spiders, Zen was finally out of the jungle. He then found himself in a spacious valley where he saw the disciples from the Cloud Hall.

It turned out that the Cloud Hall disciples also encountered the spiders. In this spacious valley, there were countless dead spiders piled up. Not so far away from him, twelve disciples from the Cloud Hall were on position and arranged in an array.

Cultivators could use life vitality and cultivation methods to perform some powerful arrays.

The twelve Cloud Hall disciples combined their cultivation methods. Their array was learned from the Cloud Hall and had great power. The ghost-faced spiders came around in a group. The youth dressed in a white robe standing in the middle made the order: "Heptyl Metal Stab!"

The six people on the left stretched their left hands simultaneously and pressed an acupoint on their own right hand. The life vitality of the six combined and a golden spear congealed on the ground. The golden spear stabbed the spiders in an instant.

The youth in white ordered once more, "Snake Fire Burn!"

The other six

didn't go anywhere else randomly. The Cloud Hall disciples knew more about the Cloud Road than him, so they must have a purpose for killing the spiders in the valley. Zen hid in a corner of the valley to secretly watch and observe those disciples.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the arched door, Zen was shown on the Picture Slab.

The power of the Water Wind Kill just now was too terrifying and Kenneth couldn't look. If Zen was rolled in, his demise was certain. Fortunately, Zen was quick.

"Lennon is not easy to handle. Zen is just making trouble for himself and he will surely suffer losses," Fernandez shook his head and expressed.

"Hmm, Frank is more powerful than Lennon. Zen ran away like a hare upon meeting Lennon. If he chanced upon Frank, he would have a worse end. Kenneth, you should teach your disciples at Could Sect to know their places. After all, they only have one life." Lady Long grinned as she saw Zen being chased down by the Water Wind Kill.

However, Fernandez shook his head and said, "There is no certainty here yet. Those Cloud Hall disciples on Could Road are certainly on the top. The Water Wind Kill is from the array of Twelve Earthly Branches arranged by Lennon and other twelve disciples, and it is difficult to resist even for the powerful men at the early stage of the Internal Elixir Realm, let alone Zen. He has made the right decision to run away."

Kenneth also seized the chance to retort Lady Long, "Master Fei is right. That's thirteen people versus Zen. I don't think Zen is weak as you said. Moreover, they can't arrange the Twelve Earthly Branches Array all the time. Zen may have the upper hand on this after all!"

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