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   Chapter 551 The Ghost-faced Spider

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Standing at the arched gateway, Fernandez laughed, "That's amazing! He is indeed a brave boy! He's a promising disciple, Kenneth. You must have put a lot of time and effort on him!"

Seeing Zen's performance, Kenneth was relieved. Zen was not only powerful, but his mind and ways of doing things were also a lot better than that of Evan.

Truth be told, the Cloud Hall disciples' arrogance came from the power and influence of the Cloud Hall, and that gave them the nerve to suppress the disciples from the second-grade sects. But they were not all to blame. Anyone who had become the disciples of the Cloud Hall would do the same. But Zen had a strong resolution compared to other practitioners.

He knew his opponent's identity and was aware that he could attract the attention of the Cloud Hall with his strength and skill. 'Yes, it's true that you're a disciple from Cloud Hall. But I will soon become a Cloud Hall disciple who is way better than you. We're on the same level, so you couldn't suppress me by the name of Cloud Hall! You're pathetic!' Zen thought.

His understanding of this matter showed that he had extraordinary strength, great vision, and confidence.

But when Kenneth heard Fernandez's remarks about him putting a lot of efforts on cultivating Zen, his face blushed.

As the leader of the Cloud Sect, Kenneth had paid attention to Rocher, Patrick, Jacques, and Tracy, but he never noticed Zen. He had never heard of him, let alone got to know that Zen was Yan's brother.

Zen was like someone popping out of nowhere. If it was not in the All Peaks Competition where Zen emerged as the victor with his great strength, Kenneth would have never noticed this young man.

Therefore, it was ironic that Kenneth had never put any efforts on cultivating Zen, or given a little bit guidance to him.

So hearing Fernandez's words, Kenneth could only force a smile and laugh it off.

Kenneth was riding high in this Cloud Road test with Zen winning the recognition from Fernandez. Moreover, Rocher and Patrick also stood out among the contestants. Through the Picture Slab, Kenneth saw that Rocher and Patrick had already crossed the second phase of the Cloud Road.

As for the leaders of the other four sects, they could only watch with envy. Eddy remained silent. Rocher ranked third in Cloud Sect and he made a sweeping victory over all Eddy's Red Sect disciples. Moreover, there were Patrick and Zen whose strength were beyond imagination. Eddy was already hopeless that his disciples would win over Kenneth's.

"No matter how powerful Zen is, if he meets Frank and Lennon of the Cloud Hall, I'm afraid that he would be in trouble. I guess I just have to wait and see how he will deal with them." Fernandez shook his head and smiled. "I hope that Zen won't irritate them too much when he confronts

is spiritual force to sense the surroundings. But still, there was nothing except for trees and plants.

Zen began to walk again. But after another few steps, he heard the rustling sound again.

"What's it?" Zen frowned and paused. He looked around, but there was still nothing.

Despite seeing nothing, he was sure that he was being followed. It was good at hiding itself that even his sharp sense failed to detect it.

Whenever he started to move, the rustling sound rang in his ear. Zen turned around swiftly and this time, he saw that the trees were covered with numerous spiders as big as a fist. Aside from their size, there was another weird thing about them; it was strange that they had the face of a ghost.

"Ghost-faced spiders? And they are huge!"

The ghost-faced spider was rare and seldom showed itself, but such creature was widely known in the Eastern Region. On its back was a ghost face and it was extremely poisonous. The ghost-faced spider could be used as a medicine, to make pills, or to make poisons.

But the commonly seen ghost-faced spiders were small. Zen hadn't seen a ghost-faced spider as big as a fist. Moreover, those creatures seemed to have the ability to camouflage. They could hide their breaths and if they lurked behind the leaves, Zen could not detect their existence.

Many ghost-faced spiders were hanging on the trees, and they cast greedy eyes on their prey as if preparing to press on him simultaneously.

"Go away!"

With his eyes on the spiders, Zen slowly stepped backward to the direction he was heading. The consummate sword intent emanated from the Streamer Sword he was holding, and it began to rotate.

The spiders zoomed towards him with rustling sounds.

As Zen made a move, the ghost-faced spiders swarmed around and jumped onto the treetops. They were trying to submerge Zen with their huge number.

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