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   Chapter 550 The Blinding Arrogance

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Several other practitioners were also annoyed by what the disciple of Cloud Hall had said. They had been planning to try their luck in the hidden test, but they were blocked outside the gate. Since they had no guts to fight with the disciples of Cloud Hall, they just anxiously stood aside.

"Don't you know your place? You're not qualified. You could only be a genius in the second-grade sect, but not in our Cloud Hall. In here, you're nothing at all. I bet you won't even rank on the list of top one-hundred in Cloud Hall!" one of the Cloud Hall disciples said and laughed.

His words offended all the practitioners of the other sects. Even some practitioners who hadn't planned to enter the island had a look of anger on their faces.

"Really?" In a blink of an eye, Zen suddenly appeared in front of the Cloud Hall disciple and grabbed him by the neck. He then dragged him to the edge of the high platform and had him hanging off the edge.

Down the platform was a vast land of fire. If Zen loosened his grip on the disciple's neck, the latter would directly fall into the fire.

"Ah! Let go of me!" the disciple cried out angrily. He didn't seem to realize what was happening even after being attacked by Zen.

"Let you go? If you insist. But don't blame after." Zen slightly loosened his grip. As the disciple slid down a little, he realized he would die once Zen fully loosened his grip and let him go.

"Asshole, pull me up!" he cursed in rage.

"You still have the guts to curse me given the situation? I really admire your courage!" Zen said and suddenly loosed his hands. Feeling his own body weight starting to pull him down, the disciple's eyes were filled with horror. He couldn't say even a single word now. But to his surprise, he didn't fall. Zen was pinching his collar with two fingers.

His life was now at the mercy of Zen's two fingers and his own collar!

The two Cloud Hall disciples had thought that they were able to keep the other practitioners out of the hidden test without saying much. Because the Cloud Hall had a reputation and its disciples were known for their unrivaled skills and competence, the practitioners would not dare to break in the hidden test.

With that, their vanity and arrogance would be gratified.

The guy who was now hanging on the edge of the platform had thought that being a Cloud Hall disciple, he could have forced the countrymen to yield. With his current competence, it should have been

ut the Cloud Hall being a fourth-grade sect. The leaders of the second-grade sects could only be stewards in Cloud Hall. How supreme Cloud Hall was.

It was also the reason the practitioners dared not to offend the Cloud Hall disciples even though they were more powerful than them.

The Cloud Hall disciple was stunned to see his arm cut off. He covered the wound with his hand and shouted, gritting his teeth, "How dare you cut off my arm! I..."

But before he could continue, Zen had thrust his Streamer Sword at him and pricked the skin between his eyebrows. A few drops of blood oozed out from the wound.

"I'm not in the mood to listen to your nonsense! I have heard too much and I'm tired of it. So, if you dare to speak one word more, you're dead!" Zen blankly said.

Hearing that, the Cloud Hall disciple began to shiver. Since he was able to enter the cloud road, he should have outranked the ordinary disciples of Cloud Hall and Zen for that matter. However, at that moment, he couldn't stop his body from trembling.

The other Cloud Hall disciple remained quiet. It would only need a short time to set his companion's broken arm and heal the wound, but he couldn't use this arm to perform his skills in a long time.

After putting his sword back into the sheath and stuffing it into the space ring, Zen walked to the path beside the platform. All the practitioners watched him leave with eyes filled with awe.

But until now, Zen hadn't even used any powerful skills. In reality, many of the practitioners present at the platform were also skillful, but they didn't dare to step up to the Cloud Hall disciples.

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