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   Chapter 549 Disqualified (Part Two)

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"Tides of lava are rising!" a warrior exclaimed.

"I also saw that. But now, we're not quite far away from the next high platform. It's right ahead of us!" another disciple responded. He pointed towards the direction of the coming platform.

It was the second high platform in the Sea of Raging Fire, and was much bigger than the first one. It looked like a castle in the air. Beneath it, the platform was supported by dozens of pillars. Beside this platform was a road extending forward. What was intriguing was a small island near the platform!

The island was just amid the Sea of Raging Fire.

"Rush over quickly to the platform! Then, we will be safe!"

While they might have been considerably surprised to see an island in the middle of the Sea of Raging Fire, the warriors still focused their attention on the high platform. They had to talk about everything else after they handled the problems at hand.

Hope was coming. All of the warriors put their hopes on the high platform ahead. Consciously, they quickened their pace without being reminded by other disciples. As they reached the towering platform, every warrior heaved a sigh of relief. This platform was about thirty feet high. When the warriors arrived, all of them leaped onto the platform.

There were no exceptions, because Zen also steadily stepped onto the high platform and then planted his feet there securely.

"This high platform is in the middle of the Sea of Raging Fire. In other words, we are somewhere halfway," a warrior explained while wiping the sweat on his forehead.

"It is said that there is a hidden test on this high platform. Substantial benefits await the one who can successfully go through this test," another warrior blurted out, as he stared at the island behind the platform.

a sneer.

"What? Ahhh... hahaha! Every person here is taking the test of Cloud Road. So, why are we not authorized to enter?" Zen demanded. A dark cloud seemed to hover over his face as he spoke. In this world, it seemed there were always people looking down upon others, especially those they believed were inferior to them.

For instance, in the beginning, when Zen just joined Cloud Sect, disciples from noble clans believed themselves to be superior and looked down upon the young disciple. Now, disciples from Cloud Hall were behaving in the same manner. Did they truly believe that Cloud Road was developed only for them?

But Zen guessed it right.

And it was true that these disciples took that for granted. After all, they were the rightful representatives of Cloud Hall. In their opinion, all guys from grade two sects under the jurisdiction of Cloud Hall were inferior and not qualified because they were not on equal footing with them.

Since some of the Cloud Hall disciples had already entered the passageway for the hidden test, the two men at the entrance thought those from other sects were naturally "unauthorized" and disqualified for going through the pass.

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