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   Chapter 548 Disqualified (Part One)

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He might have been powerful, but Zen had already consumed most of his strength and energy to cut off the tail of the mobula using his consummate sword intent. He was still confused as to the composition of the mobula's broken tail.

After picking it up and briefly inspecting the broken tail, Zen tucked it inside his space ring. Beast tails like this were quite rare. In the future, he could probably use it for refining weapons. If not, he could make money out of it by selling the rare object at a high price.

"My friend, thank you very much for saving my life," said the warrior, whose hands were cupped to express his heartfelt gratitude to Zen. Naturally, it was clear to this warrior that the tail of the mobula was of great value. But since Zen was his savior, he thought it was inadvisable to battle it out with him for this rare and valuable object.

This warrior was among those from the other grade-two sects, who were at levels much higher than Zen's. Zen was only at the third grade of the nature level. Thus, it would be understandable if these warriors looked down on Zen. Warriors at these levels would have taken for granted that the young fighter lagged far behind them. But since Zen was his savior, the warrior completely changed his mind and even began to admire him. He had attempted to kill the evil fire mobula by using his skilled blade intent and harnessing all his strength.

But his blade didn't even hurt the mobula's tail at all. On the other hand, Zen easily sliced off the tail with his sword. The warrior guessed that Zen even hadn't used all his strength when he did this.

As he analyzed what had just happened, the warrior decided that he couldn't rashly annoy this guy with such mighty strength.

"That's alright. Since we're taking the same path, it's natural and unavoidable

uld rise. Then, they would be on the verge of death.

One of the warriors patted his pocket. Instantly, ten medicinal pills appeared in his hand. As he swung his hand randomly, the pills flew in different directions towards the other warriors, so every person present got one pill. Soon afterward, he ordered, "Eat it! These pills are helpful for you to restore your physical strength and life vitality to certain extent."

To cultivate and produce life vitality within their bodies, warriors needed to meditate. Pills that were effective for replenishing life vitality were of great value wherever they were. Today, this warrior contributed ten medicinal pills all at once. This contribution was considerable.

Contributing the pills was a wise move. Defeating the flock of devil fishes by himself was impossible. He needed the collective effort of every warrior to defeat the creatures. He thought that replenishing the warriors' life vitality and enhancing their physical strength would double their efforts to escape before they finally left the damned place.

And he was right. The warriors no longer encountered any other ferocious living creatures. Unfortunately, another disaster awaited them.

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