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   Chapter 546 The Evil Fire Mobula (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 7372

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"You don't stand a chance of walking out of here alive!" taunted Adler as he sneered at Zen. Ignoring Adler's threat, Zen waited patiently in silence. Walking away from Zen, Adler found a quiet spot to sit and meditate.

As the exhausted group reached the platform, the only safe place here, they were so weak and they nearly collapsed. If the group's need for this refuge hadn't been so dire, they would not have risked their lives to land on the platform. Each disciple found himself a place to rest, meditate and replenish his depleted store of energy. Previously, the disciples had only been part of some practice activities and not facing certain life-threatening circumstances or exerting themselves as much as they had just now. With stiff muscles and sore bodies, the disciples took their time to heal, so they wouldn't have to endure crippling injuries for the rest of their long lives.

Looks can be deceiving. The Sea of Raging Fire was immense. Before the fire receded, the surface looked calm and still. However, the heat was rising, colliding with the cooler air, and hot lava created violent swirling waves of flames. The group saw that in the distance, yellow-white flames flicked where the fire burned the hottest. The disciples also noticed some unknown small creatures who were cocking their heads and staring curiously back at them. Sporadically, tiny flames shot out from their mouths. They dived in and out of the molten lava waves as if they were fish.

These creatures were alien to any other known life in the world. They didn't just survive in the scalding liquid of the lava, and it was their natural habitat. So, they would likely perish if they were parted from the element for any length of time.

While contemplating over the little creatures he saw, Zen couldn't help but experience a great sense of gratitude for how the fire sustained the mysterious creatures. His curiosity was peaked as he considered how vast the Sea of Raging Fire was and what other unknown life might have flourished in this environment that was unique to this area.

If Zen were a bit stronger, he would have taken the risk, and leapt at the chance to explore this magical environment. Neve

ke butterflies around them and accentuating their forms, Adler and the injured disciple shook their heads helplessly. From the start of the trial, the two men knew the women were only following them to be protected.

They couldn't blame the two women either. Under such circumstances, the men would inevitably bring them danger if they stuck with the men in the challenge behind. Resolutely, the two women decided to make their move, leaving Adler and the other disciple behind.

Being left alone only intensified Adler's hatred of Zen. Grinding his words through his teeth, he said, "This bad luck is caused by that bastard from the Cloud Sect who is in grade three of nature level. I swear on all that's holy that if I catch him, I'll rip him to shreds, and make him kneel before us as he begs for mercy." Zen was so far ahead that they couldn't see him anymore. It wouldn't be easy for Adler to catch up and win the challenge. He thought it was Zen's fault his peer was injured, and they fell behind during such an important competition. Waiting there helplessly, made Adler detest Zen even more.

Actually, it wasn't Zen's fault in the slightest bit. At the start when they entered the Sea of Raging Fire, Zen even helped them slay the fiery evil spirits and ensured safe passage for them to cross the fire sea to the high platform. Nevertheless, there were always some people who blamed others and would never recognize their negligence or mistakes.

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