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   Chapter 545 The Angry Disciple

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"Rush! Rush!"

"Hurry! Hurry!"

The two disciples of Brumous Sect were sweating heavily, their faces turning red. They had done their best to up their speeds and could not get any quicker.

A female disciple of Iridescence Sect behind them waved her hand and a ribbon of blue life-vitality emerged out.

"Breeze without a Trace!"

It was an auxiliary cultivation method to enhance the speed of the disciples.

Soon, a set of breezes floated around the four disciples.

The breezes flew to their legs, and the four disciples appeared to run quicker.

"The platform is right there. Everybody, hold on!" Adler shouted.

Although the platform looked not too far away, the lava sea level had risen as high as the stone pillars. Now, the lava spread across their surface, covering every inch of them as the seconds passed by.

Watching the stone pillars get enveloped by lava, Adler gasped in despair.

"Ahhh! I am burnt!" Another disciple of Brumous Sect stepped in the lava by accident, his foot toasting into a dark color. He dared not halt though and tried to keep going forward. He knew he would die if he stopped moving.

Only four stone pillars were left in front of them. If they managed to use them, they could jump onto the platform.

But the four stone pillars were like the gates to hell. They were now out of their sight! That meant they had to step into the lava before they could get onto the platform.

A female disciple from Iridescence Sect gritted her teeth, shouting, "Freeze A Thousand Miles!" A small icy, crystal rune materialized on her pretty face.

The move was called 'Freeze A Thousand Miles', but of course, it could not freeze the entire lava sea. In such hot conditions, its impact was greatly reduced. The frost only spanned about thirty feet.

However, it was enough to save their lives.

The frozen frost cooled down the lava, turning it into a solid black mass. The four disciples stepped on it and got on the platform before it could melt.

Just as they jumped onto the platform, the lava melted the frost layers. The stone pillars disappeared. It was a sea of fire around them.

The two male disciples threw themselves onto the platform heavily. The one from Brumous Sect covered his feet and groaned out of pain as he got to the safety of the platform. His feet had been burnt black.

The two female disciples from Iridescence Sect too sat on the platform, panting heavily, their che

ef of what he was seeing. This had come as a surprise to him.

Adler himself was not good at sword skills. He used a spear, which was why he didn't realize that Zen did not have slender or successful sword intent. It was the consummate sword intent!

But to Adler, it was not so important that Zen had learned the sword intent. What was more important was that Zen was only at the third grade of the nature level, while Adler was the top disciple of the Brumous Sect. He had secured the third position in the Sect Competition of his sect.

If not for the two female disciples, Adler would have rushed to the front of the Cloud Road in no time at all.

"All right. I agree this place is not suitable to fight. Let's not do it here. You're lucky, Zen, otherwise, I would have mauled you like a dog!" Adler waved his spear once more before putting it back into his space ring.

"I am willing to fight here," Zen said, ignoring Adler's words

"You?!" Adler had assumed that since he had let Zen go easy this time, the latter would play nice to them. But Zen seemed not to mind it at all. Was he wishing for his death?

Like everyone else, Zen feared death. Only those who didn't have love in this world desired death. Zen, however, had everything he could ask for. He didn't want death. His reason for proposing a duel was that he knew the hot lava could not hurt him, seeing as how his body was a spiritual weapon.

If the platform turned over, Zen would not die, although the others might.

Zen found he had nothing more to say to Adler. He found a corner and squatted down while waiting for the lava sea to wane.

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