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Everyone would be thrilled if Zen killed the red fire snake. After all, they wouldn't need to put a lot of effort into dealing with this huge monster. However, in their opinion, the chance of that happening was slim. There was a higher likelihood that the red fire snake would swallow Zen.

Zen had noticed this red fire snake while running. It was so huge that Zen assumed it would be more difficult to handle than the fiery evil spirits.

Because of its giant body, the snake moved slowly. Zen watched as the snake lifted its head from the lava and then its neck. Gradually, it raised its head.

Looking at the red fire snake's slow movements, Zen gritted his teeth and summoned the energy of the Phoenix Crystal on his right arm. He doubled his speed and shot out like an arrow as he made several virtual shadows on the stone pillars.

"Hmm? That guy wants to break through by force?" Adler sneered.

"Will the guy pass over the snake? I believe his speed is sufficient..." another disciple from the Brumous Sect frowned and asked.

"No way. The red fire snake looks slow because of its size. But the fact is that it is not slow!" Adler must have prepared well before entering Cloud Road.

Just as Adler said, after the huge red fire snake stretched its head and the upper part of its body emerged from the lava, it opened its big mouth and rushed at Zen.

Seeing the red fire snake dashing toward him, Zen increased his strength by 30 percent with every step, "Pass over it!"

"He can travel faster," stated the shocked male disciple from Brumous Sect.

Adler laughed, "Heehee, he must have activated some secret skill. Even then, he is not quick enough! And this guy has no way back. If he can't avoid the snake, he will surely die!"

A horrible heat enveloped Zen as the red fire snake closed in. The huge snakehead grew bigger and bigger. He could even see two burning snake teeth!

'I am not quick enough! If I continue this way, I will probably head straight into the red fire snake's mouth!'

As this thought crossed Zen's mind, he activated all the dragon scales in his body. The dragon scales released a brilliant light, and all their power was channeled to Zen's legs.


Zen commanded as he placed a foot on the stone pillar. Despite being shaky, the solid stone pillar had been standing in the Sea of Raging Fire for many years. Such was the force released by Zen that two clear footprints were left on the sunken surface of the stone pillar.

Since flying was forbidden on Cloud Road, Zen thought his only alternative would be to jump.

Zen looked like a shooting star as he shot across the sky and left a dark contrail. He managed to dodge the red fire snake's attack.

"How... can he jump so high? Is he a locust?" the male disciple from Brumous S

ors, these disciples knew that they had to heal before continuing. After all, their time on Cloud Road was limited, and they had several more challenges to face.

Zen wasn't injured. He stood on the edge of the high platform and looked around. The rising tide of the fire sea would come slowly. He wondered what happened to the four disciples from the Brumous Sect and the Iridescence Sect.

When he glanced down, Zen heard a loud explosive sound. He saw a huge flame rising to the sky. It was almost as if it were a mesmerizing fireworks display.

In the next instant, four small dots were dashing along the stone pillars.

Zen smiled. It seemed that the four disciples had wasted a lot of time trying to fight the red fire snake.

If the four disciples had cooperated with him earlier, they would have killed the red fire snake quicker. Even though Zen had not killed the snake, he had explored the way in the front. Now, the four disciples would follow him without doing anything. How could Zen let them take advantage? Did they really think he would be easily bullied?

Although he had dodged the red fire snake first, he left an angry snake for the four disciples to face. It was enough to slow them down.

Since they had wasted plenty of time, and the lava tide was rising, they would have nowhere to go...

However, the four disciples had almost reached the platform. That would show that they had activated secret skills to raise their speed.

Despite their skills, they couldn't outrun the lava tide that was inching closer to the stone pillars. Since the pillars were only three inches thick, the lava would cover them in no time. Then, they would have no place to step on.

Zen was not a philanthropist. These guys invited trouble, and he would be happy to stand on the edge of the high platform and watch the situation play out.

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