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   Chapter 542 A Sea Of Lava

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"Lady Long, do you think it is necessary for me to continue?" Kenneth said with a smile.

Lady Long glared at Kenneth but said nothing. She merely sniffed. After all, she was suffering humiliation now because she laughed at Kenneth unreasonably.

"The movement is very strange. He must have learned something about space rules, but only a few," Fernandez Fei said with surprise as he stared at Zen who was moving in the Picture Slab.

"A few?" The leader of Auspice Sect shook his head and added, "Master Fei, please forgive me for disagreeing. If I am not wrong, Zen's using Saint Morphens' Mystical Pace. Anyone who wants to try Mystical Pace can't do so without understanding the first level of the space rules!"

The leader of the Auspice Sect dressed in white was older than Kenneth. Fortunately enough, he had gotten the chance to enter the Sumeru Space of Cloud Hall to study the space rules inscribed on the stone. Though he hadn't earned mastery in the methods about space rules, he had studied and learned enough to be able to speak confidently with Kenneth about it.

Zen's movement was the same as that of Saint Morphens' Mystical Pace. They both seemed to be moving forward along an invisible line while keeping the same body posture. After mastering Saint Morphens' Mystical Pace, a person could move a long distance. However, Zen could only move a foot at a time because he wasn't familiar yet.

Fernandez nodded and said, "It's true! It is Mystical Pace, but the young guy is only a beginner, and he has understood very little of these space rules. This is why he can only move in such a broken space. Can't you see that the guy appears to be staggering as if he were looking for something?"

The leaders stared at the Picture Slab and noticed that Zen wasn't moving along the test road in a straight line but a wiggly one—he was taking a few steps left and then turning to the right.

"If my guess is correct, he must be using the seams of the broken world to practice Mystical Pace," Fernandez said slowly. "The test road is part of the fragmented world, which isn't stable. In the broken world, besides the severed seams in the sky, many other spaces have begun to collapse. Even though the space of the test road isn't crumbling, there are enough existing seams for Zen to move like that!"

Fernandez was very confident in his conclusion because he believed a common person could never work out the space rules so easily. "It can't be denied that Zen did learn something about the space rules. However, in the outside world, it will be difficult

s around wouldn't be much more powerful than that plant.

And Zen was right. The difficulties in the first part of the test road were easy to overcome. Most disciples were attacked during that period. Even though the attacks varied depending on the path they chose, the cultivators who accepted the test were mainly the best disciples from the grade two sects, and nearly all of them passed the test.

During his time on the road, Zen was attacked by several plants, one of which was shaped like a big fan with sharp teeth on its edge. It had tried to swallow Zen, but he smashed the plant to pieces. Another plant looked like a Mimosa Pudica with big leaves spreading on the ground. As Zen stepped on a leaf, all the other leaves engulfed him.

The green leaves seemed to be very tender, but actually, they were unbelievably tough. Using the power of the dragon scales, Zen forcefully broke the leaves.

After overcoming such difficulties, Zen finally got to the end of the path. An unusual warmth enveloped him. Dazzling bloody light shone from behind the hill in front of Zen.

As Zen climbed to the top of the hill, he found a sea of lava on the endless ground...

"How can I cross it?" Looking at the endless sea of lava, Zen felt a little helpless. Though he had a body of top-grade spiritual weapon to protect himself in the fire, it was unrealistic for him to swim across the sea.

Zen wondered how the other people had crossed it. After all, they didn't have the secret weapon he did. The test road couldn't be designed like this! Something must be wrong!

At that time, Zen noticed several other disciples standing beside the lava. They seemed to be waiting for something to happen.

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