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   Chapter 541 Parallel Move

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"Hey! Zen is really lucky. Since he is so talented, he meets the criteria to receive a Cloudy Vastness Pill, if he can rank among the top five during the Cloud Road trial. I'll make this suggestion after that," Fernandez Fei said calmly.

Hearing Fernandez's words, everyone, including Kenneth, was astonished.

Cloudy Vastness Pill!

This was the Cloud Hall's secret pill. Even the stewards, like Kenneth and Eddy, would find it challenging to get one. It would only be given to them if they made a vital contribution to the Cloud Hall.

It boosted a cultivator's basic strength without any side effects. It could make their basic strength more stable, and also help a cultivator break through bottlenecks quickly.

After hearing what Fernandez said, Kenneth felt as though Fernandez was unfair.

Over time, Kenneth had made great efforts to select outstanding disciples for Cloud Hall. What did he get in return? Of course, he wanted the reward offered by Cloud Hall.

Now, before Kenneth had earned Cloud Hall's gratitude for his efforts, Fernandez promised Zen a reward!

Although Zen had been discovered and cultivated by Kenneth, and Kenneth was so proud of Zen, Kenneth, as a warrior of the Internal Elixir Realm, also had a strong desire to gain the pill.

Guessing what Kenneth was thinking, Fernandez laughed and said, "Kenneth, if Zen achieves a position in the top five, I'll certainly report your contribution of selecting outstanding disciples. Your reward from Cloud Hall will not be overlooked."

After Kenneth heard this, excitement flooded him. "Thank you, Elder Fei!"

The other people present, especially the heads of other sects, did not have any expressions on their faces, but all of them sneered at Kenneth secretly. 'The top five? Only in your dreams! No disciple from a grade two sect has been able to achieve such a high position during the Cloud Road trial!'

There were five grade two sects under the supervision of Cloud Hall, namely, Cloud Sect, Auspice Sect, Iridescence Sect, Brumous Sect and Red Sect. Each sect had selected several disciples this year to attend the trial. In total, there should be about forty to fifty disciples from the five sects. And another equal number of disciples from Cloud Hall attended the trial as well.

However, there was a huge skill gap between the Cloud Hall disciples and those from the grade two sects.

It was almost impossible for a disciple of a grade two sect to secure a position in the top ten, not to mention the top five. Over the past few hundred years, there only had been two disciples from Iridescence Sect and Auspice Sect who had managed to figure in the eighth and the ninth ranks, respectively. Aside from these two, in all the other competitions, the top ten positions were all obtained by Cloud Hall's disciples.

In the previous Cloud Road trial, Kenneth had boasted that Evan would be the champion. Kenneth had been laughed at during these past three years because Evan had failed. However, most of the leaders from the other sects had been jealous of Kenneth as Evan had secured the top rank during t

where in the world!

"What are these lines? They cannot be the cracks of the space fragments. If they were, no one could live in such a space!" Zen walked to one of the lines. Hesitantly, he raised his hand and tried to touch it.

But he felt nothing! It seemed as though he could see the line, but he could not feel it.

However, when Zen's hand stayed there for a few seconds, he felt something!

Zen's figure suddenly turned blurry, and he felt as though he was following this thin line.

The thin line was only one foot long! It was almost as long as an adult's stride. But Zen felt he could move freely inside the one-foot line and his speed was incredible!

The excessive speed at which Zen was traveling made it look like there were countless shadows of Zen inside the one-foot space.

However, these shadows did not appear due to the high speed. A shadow appearing due to high speed was an illusion of a person's eyes. All of Zen's shadows appeared and vanished at the same time.

Zen's legs didn't move, but his body shifted about a foot as he followed the thin line. Even Zen felt strange as if he had become a ghost and made a parallel move in the space.

'This way of moving is weird and also interesting, ' Zen thought. When Zen left that line, he found that there was another one in front of him. This line was about a half foot in length. The moment he touched it, Zen moved forward another half foot as the ghost did.

The more he looked, the more lines Zen found. And as with previous lines, Zen touched the lines and moved inside them.

In this way, he didn't move forward very fast as each line was only half a foot or so long, and some were a little longer. And Zen had to make an effort to look for the line and get close to it. The reason why he did so was that he found this phenomenon fascinating. At the same time, he thought about the implications of this ability.

Zen didn't know that his behavior had stunned the leaders of all the sects as well as the Elder of Cloud Hall who were watching him outside the trial.

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