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   Chapter 540 Envy (Part Two)

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His words brought back the memories to all the other sect heads. They all burst into a fit of laughter because of Evan's funny story.

In truth, Evan was a talented refiner. He would've entered the Cloud Hall if he hadn't fallen asleep on the Cloud Road. It was also highly possible for him to have outperformed all the other disciples in the contest. However, his careless nature prevented him from being the first place. Nobody expected for him to fall asleep along the way! They could still recall how enraged Kenneth was by Evan's doing. He looked so terrifying at that time that they all feared he would kill Evan as punishment.

Would history repeat itself?

"Don't worry Kenneth. You have brought your most excellent disciples, and they're all smart. Even your third most excellent disciple captured the essence of the consummate sword intent. This disciple might have found something and meditated for that reason. Do you agree, Kenneth?" Eddy said in a seemingly joking tone. He had somehow harbored a kind of animosity towards Rocher. It wasn't because he hated him, he just felt envious of Cloud Sect's good fortune. He really didn't expect that a disciple from Cloud Sect had understood the consummate sword intent.

"What did you say, Eddy? Did you say that a Cloud Sect disciple has understood the consummate sword intent?" Fernandez turned towards Eddy and asked in astonishment.

"Yes, Master Fei. The disciple is just the third most excellent disciple in the Cloud Sect. I wonder how smart the first and the second most excellent disciples of the Cloud Sect are if the third best one is at such a high level?" Eddy said with a smile.

Fernandez nodded his head, showing his interest. "That's interesting. The consummate sword in

rained two of them!

All the other sect heads also wore faces of shock or envy. Even Fernandez was suspicious.

"Zen is at the grade three of nature level. How could he be bestowed with such a great opportunity? According to the records of some ancient books, the Sword Washing Pool is a semi-holy site. Kenneth, you said the opportunity Zen acquired had brought him to a place much better than the semi-holy site. Did he visit a sword holy site?" he asked.

Kenneth nodded, "Zen didn't tell me where he went, but I have sensed a substantial amount of malicious aura in him. So I guess he must have gone to the Killing Sword Mountain, one of the three sword holy sites."

Fernandez's face finally changed after Kenneth's explanation. The holy sites were sacred places all refiners dreamed of going. They were categorized into more sacred and less sacred kinds. The Killing Sword Mountain was one of the most famous sword holy sites, and the best one among all the sacred places. Fernandez never expected that such a young man, who had just achieved the grade three of nature level, had gone to that famous holy mountain. Envy gradually surged within him.

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