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   Chapter 539 Envy (Part One)

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The Cloud Road was a trial where all new disciples had to test their art of refining. Moreover, it was also a path of opportunities.

It was full of various challenges that the disciples must do their best to overcome. The whole process manifested their strengths and exposed their weaknesses. Additionally, whether some of the disciples would be lucky enough to find their opportunities or not would come to light. Some disciples might have the ingrain abilities to practice, but they might not have the chances to acquire the precious instruments on Cloud Road. Some of them might be lucky, but they might be incapable of seizing those kinds of opportunities.

The Cloud Road was unlike the transmission array, as Zen realized that the Cloud Road felt quite different, and nor did it resemble the Bloody Mountain of Cloud Sect since the Cloud Road wasn't a magic array made through some kind of skill.

Zen felt as if he had just stepped into a door when he walked into the whirlpool. Suddenly the surroundings changed, much to his surprise.

"Another world..." Rocher murmured. His curious eyes attentively looked into the distance.

He saw a world that he had never seen or heard of. It was a world of decay and destruction.

Before they had set out, Kenneth had told them about Cloud Road's situation in full detail.

There were indeed some special places of mystery in the world, but they were unknown to ordinary people. These places of mystery didn't physically exist as they could only be accessed by people who achieved enlightenment in thinking. Zen went into the Killing Sword Mountain only after he had grasped the essence of the consummate sword intent. Now, the Killing Sword Mountain did not belong to the world the naked eye could see. It belonged to another world, and so did the other places of mystery.

d and the entrance would be closed if all the supreme life vitality had run out. However, he couldn't figure out the reasons behind the ruins.

Meanwhile, Kenneth observed their actions outside the entrance of Cloud Road at the same time Zen was in contemplation. He began to get worried.

It wasn't hard for all the sect heads to observe the actions of each of their disciples through the Picture Slab. All the disciples had set out their journey on the Cloud Road, except for Zen. He just stood by the entrance and blankly watched the sky. His weird behavior definitely caught the attention of every sect head.

"What's the problem with Zen?" Kenneth asked. He was fully aware of the kind of person Zen was as well as the destiny he must face. Unlike Evan, Zen was careful enough not to do anything irrational. But why had he stayed there for a long while since his entry to the Cloud Road, and refused to leave? 'Was there anything wrong? What happened?' Kenneth could not help but ask internally.

Suddenly, Eddy burst into laughter. "Wow, will it happen again, Kenneth? I still remember how Evan fell asleep on the Cloud Road three years ago! If I'm not wrong, he's a disciple from the Cloud Sect, right?"

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