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   Chapter 537 Miserable Failure (Part Two)

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However, Akiba didn't know that apart from the God's blessing, Rocher had also cultivated hard.

Rocher had never rested since the beginning of his swordsmanship practice. For more than a dozen years, he carried the sword with him even during meals and sleep.

To achieve the same progress as Rocher, a cultivator could not just rely on luck. Instead, painstaking efforts, hard work, persistence, and hardships were vital for success.

After taking a few steps away from Akiba, Rocher lifted his Blood-corroding Sword and pointed it toward the sky. Shortly after, energy of heaven and earth began to surge in the sky. In the next instant, dim thunder and lightning flashed across the clouds.

"This is... Heavenly Sword!" As Akiba felt the terrifying momentum, his facial expression changed abruptly.

On the other side, Eddy's eyes twitched. Rocher had mastered the use of the Heavenly Sword. It became even harder to believe that Rocher was ranked third at Cloud Sect. Eddy was certain that no one would shake him from this belief, even if they beat him to death.

Could a person at the third grade of the nature level be a match for Rocher? How could this be possible?

Rocher had proven his strengths no matter Eddy believed it or not.

In the turbulent sky, Rocher induced streaks of heavenly thunder.

When Rocher battled with Zen during the All Peaks Competition, he hadn't used his Heavenly Sword in combination with heavenly thunder despite his mastery of combining thunderbolt with sword intent in the Sword Washing Pool. After all, he needed some time to adapt to the Extreme Thunder Sword Intent since he had just learned it for the first time.

After a month of cultivation, Rocher had become more proficient with the use of the Ex

, Kenneth snorted and replied with a sneer, "Well, we hope so. Rocher is quite talented, but he only won the third place at this All Peaks Competition. The quota for our Cloud Sect is too limited, or else more of our disciples would have joined the Cloud Road."

If Akiba's skills qualified him to take the Cloud Road, then Tracy and Jacques would have also been eligible. Regretfully, Cloud Sect only selected three disciples for the Cloud Road.

"Oh? Kenneth, Rocher is so gifted, but he only won the third place. On the contrary, the winner is a cultivator who is only at the third grade of the nature level. I am bewildered. How did this guy beat Rocher?" Eddy asked with great curiosity.

In fact, all disciples of Red Sect were baffled by this question. It was difficult for them to believe that Zen's strengths were enough to defeat Rocher since they hadn't witnessed that match.

To answer their questions, Kenneth laughed and stated, "If you want to confirm whether or not this is true, select an older disciple of your sect to battle with Zen. Then, you will witness his abilities and understand why he was able to defeat Rocher. Am I right? Heh, heh!"

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