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   Chapter 536 Miserable Failure (Part One)

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No wonder that Zen and the others were confused.

There was no specific cultivation method for the illusory sword intent. Some people were lucky enough to be able to comprehend the sword intent without help.

Depending upon his great achievements in sword intent, Rocher could kill his opponents from any part of the world. He rarely found a worthy challenger during the All Peaks Competition. However, Zen had defeated him at the All Peaks Competition. This was because like him, Zen also had a thorough understanding about that sword intent, and they both mastered the consummate sword intent during the competition.

Since two disciples with knowledge of consummate sword intent were seen during the All Peaks Competition, this showed that Akiba's successful sword intent meant nothing.

In fact, one couldn't make great achievements in sword intent so easily.

Grade two sects valued sword intent a lot. Even Cloud Hall attached great importance to cultivate disciples who understood sword intent. They encouraged disciples to learn even a bit of the sword intent. It was said that disciples who comprehended a bit of sword intent might not achieve consummate sword intent. Since learning such intents led to a higher likelihood of successful cultivation, all sects would support their members in their quest to learn sword intent.

Streaks of sword intent were produced on Akiba's Dragon Sword. At this sight, Akiba forced a complacent smile as he pointed his sword tip at Rocher and said, "Unsheathe your sword, and let me take a look at your swordsmanship!"

Upon hearing Akiba's words, Rocher responded with a small smile. His Blood-corroding Sword trembled a little. Likewise, sword intent hovered around his sword like cyclones. As time passed, the sword intent became more evident. The hidden sword intent had been presented in perfect shapes. I

till be able to defeat you even though I am no match for you in sword intent."

Akiba, who had endured many mental sufferings, made a move at last.

"Streaming Swordsmanship!"

As he wielded his Dragon Sword, ripples continuously diffused in the sky. Akiba lunged his sword forward, forming perfect curves in the sky and giving people a strange illusion.

It seemed as if he could stab Rocher to the point and defeat him by this sword move.

Rocher and the audience saw that Akiba's sword was aimed at Rocher.

Rocher's mind was affected for a short period. However, when a tiny streak of thunder and lightning flashed before his eyes, Rocher's mind became clear as before.

"The Streaming Swordsmanship takes advantage of the characteristics of flowing water so that people will believe that what they see or hear is true. This is really awesome, but... your sword can't compare with my Heavenly Sword!"

After Akiba's attack, Rocher took a Sword Step by dodging left and right.

"Sword Step... This guy has mastered it as well," mumbled Akiba. Seeing that Rocher had easily escaped from his Streaming Swordsmanship, Akiba became more agitated. He now truly believed that God seemed to have blessed Rocher unfairly.

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