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   Chapter 535 Successful Sword Intent

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Hearing the disciples who had just reached the Illuminating Soul Realm laugh at Zen, Kenneth was a little annoyed. He was clear why Zen had been abstracted. He shouted, "Before laughing at the others, you should make sure your competence is higher than them at least!" Then he turned to Zen and said, "You have known something about the space rules via the space windstorm, right? It's normal that you felt a little dizzy and you will be okay after you get used to it. Even we, the old generation, are interested in learning the space rules. However, only very few people understand the rules. You should consolidate what you have learned and properly use it in the future."

Zen nodded and answered, "I got it."

'What?' Hearing what Kenneth said, Eddy was shocked. From the way Kenneth talked, Eddy could tell that he wasn't lying. Besides, it was said that there were some truly gifted disciples who could understand the space rules in the space tunnel and some incredible gifted disciples had cultivated according to the space rules via space windstorm.

Eddy stared at Zen for a while and then shook his head. "Kenneth, I don't believe it!" He was clear what it meant to understand even a little bit about the space rules. Although Kenneth and he had reached a high cultivation level, they hadn't had an opportunity to learn the space rules, not to mention cultivate the rules.

Kenneth said with a shrug, "Eddy, I was not talking to you and nobody will force you to believe."

"He is talking big! It's impossible!"

"I don't believe a practitioner at grade three of the nature level could understand the space rules!"

After all, the disciples of Red Sect came from the Central Region, so they were experienced and knowledgeable. Some of them had heard about space rules, but none of them had ever seen it, so they didn't believe that Zen had seen it. They thought Kenneth had said so deliberately to save face.

In fact, Eddy thought the same way.

'Talking big?' Zen raised one of his brows. Although he was dizzy, he had heard the sarcastic remarks about Cloud Sect from Eddy and his disciples. Since Kenneth had a high expectation of him, he wasn't going to let him down.

Zen spoke in a quick and rapid streak, "Since all the disciples of Red Sect could speak at will, then as the disciple of the Cloud Sect in Eastern Region, I would like to tell you what I'm thinking. In my opinion, Red Sect is nothing but crap! Although you have nine practitioners at the Illuminating Soul Realm here, none of them is match for me! I'll knock their teeth out!"

Nobody expected Zen to put it so bluntly. Even Kenneth was shocked. 'The young man is my type!' Kenneth thought.

Kenneth had a bold nature, so he particularly disliked those yes-men. He was satisfied with what Zen had said. He knew that Zen had said that for the dignity of Cloud Sect

back, Rocher and Akiba were left on the spacious platform. They stood face to face.

Akiba shook his head and said, "You're Rocher, right? I don't think you have the qualification to be my opponent."

"Why?" Rocher asked, confused.

"Because I rank first in Red Sect, but you only rank third in Cloud Sect," Akiba snorted, "You should be flattered to have the opportunity to compete against me!"

A smile appeared on Rocher's normally emotionless face. "I agree with what Zen just said. Red Sect sucks! Even the competence of its best disciple is just so-so." With that, Rocher drew his Blood-corroding Sword from the sheath.

"Hahaha..." Akiba laughed hysterically and then pulled his sword out. The sword was cyan in color and it obviously was a middle-grade fairy weapon. "This sword is called Dragon Sword. It is a middle-grade fairy weapon. Since the grade of my weapon is higher than yours, I will show you what successful sword intent is!"

Hearing that, the other disciples of Red Sect were pleased. They didn't hold All Peaks Competition like Cloud Sect did, and they held Sect Competition instead. In this year's Sect Competition, Akiba had shown incredible competence and defeated all his opponents depending on his successful sword intent.

"Akiba, come on! Show these people what successful sword intent is!"

"Haha! I guess they will be frightened out of their wits!"

"Akiba is only nineteen years old. However, he has already comprehended successful sword intent. I believe he will be a great master of swordsmanship in the future. What he has achieved is good enough even in the whole Central Region!"

Zen, Patrick and Rocher were all puzzled.

In their eyes, successful sword intent was not that powerful, so they wondered why it was worth bragging about? They couldn't believe the level of the disciple who had ranked first in the Sect Competition was so low!

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