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   Chapter 534 The Red Sect

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The earlier one learned the space rule, the better it was.

The truth was, Zen himself didn't understand what it meant to learn something about the space rule.

As the four people went through the transmission channel, the light around them suddenly switched off. They had finally arrived at their destination.

The other end of the transmission channel was also a platform situated on a small hill. There were stretches of historical remains around this hill.

The remains seemed to have been there for thousands of years, and most of the houses had already collapsed. It was hardly visible that a huge palace used to stand there.

Kenneth Shi held the three and left the platform. They flew following the direction of the ruins.

Some black dots were seen far away in the sky. As the dots grew larger, Zen saw they were actually a group of people.

The group's leader was someone with unfathomable strength. By Zen's estimation, the man was almost at the same level as Kenneth. The nine people following him were all beginners in the Illuminating Soul Realm. All of them looked outstanding from ordinary warriors, and it was easy to see they were the top ones at their levels.

"Kenneth, hi. Why are you coming so early this year?"

The head of the group greeted Kenneth with laughter.

But when he saw the man, Kenneth smiled coldly. He was not friendly with the guy.

The group leader was named Eddy Wei. He held the same position as Kenneth Shi. Both were sent-out stewards of the Cloud Hall.

The Cloud Hall was a sect in grade four. There were several sects in grade one or two in the charge of the Cloud Hall, and they sent talents to the Cloud Hall each year. For example, the Cloud Sect was a sect in grade two in the charge of Cloud Hall. Kenneth not only headed the Cloud Sect but was at the same time a sent-out steward of the Cloud Hall.

Meanwhile, Eddy Wei was the head of another sect in grade two, the Red Sect.

Although both the Red Sect and the Cloud Sect were in the second grade, their positions were entirely different. The distinction was seen through the number of disciples attending the Cloud Road from each sect.

There were nine disciples following Eddy. All of them were beginners at the Illuminating Soul Realm. And they were all the disciples attending the Cloud Road.

On the other hand, only three disciples followed Kenneth.

Without any explanation from Kenneth, the three realized the vast difference between the two sects.

Although both in the same grade, the Red Sect was based in the Central Region. The region was more prosperous, populated, and stretched out more. Naturally, the outstanding talents would have much more than those from the Cloud Sect in Eastern Region.

It was, therefore, reasonable that there were more disciples with superior strength in the Red Sect, and the Cloud Hall allotted more slots to the Red Sect for the entry into the Cloud Road.

But the Cloud Hall was not to blame for this situation. It was but natural to distribute more resources to teams with a greater number of stronger members. The case was similar

ng men were only discussing among themselves. Don't mind what they're talking about."

This time, Eddy let the term "young men" pass. But Rocher and Patrick refused to allow Kenneth to face an awful situation.

Since Zen was the champion of the All Peaks Competition, both Rocher and Patrick regarded him as their head. So, the two turned to look at Zen for guidance.

But Zen continued to think about the space rules after he emerged from the transmission array. He was far from looking sharp and kept looking around all the time. Patrick and Rocher had no idea where Zen's mind had gone off.

The young disciple was slightly stunned. After he saw a bit of the space rule, he didn't feel any difference when he was in the transmission channel. But now, since he came out of the transmission array, he suddenly felt different.

He felt a tremendous change in the space around him compared to what it was before.

Every single thing seemed to have a distinct outline, and what Zen saw with more clarity was that everything around him was three-dimensional, allowing him to get the exact measurements—height, length, and width —of everything.

What was happening now must have been an impact of the Space Law he had learned. Initially, he thought it wouldn't be of any use to him at all. But now, Zen felt his mind was all messed up, and he could not concentrate at all.

"Zen! Zen!"

Two hands were patting him on the shoulders.

"What?" Zen snapped out of it.

Then he noticed Rocher and Patrick were saying something to him.

But Zen's behavior had the disciples of the Red Sect bursting into laughter.

"Ha ha ha! The little guy at grade three of the nature level looks so foolish! He seems to be having some problem with his head!" one disciple said while laughing.

"I guess so," another one agreed, and continued with a laugh, "I really wonder how the stupid guy will take part in the trial of the Cloud Road."

The disciples from the Red Sect were overjoyed. Zen's behavior greatly amused them, and also further boosted their confidence.

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