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   Chapter 533 The Space Rules

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A snake-like streak of lightning suddenly extended and twisted from the bright blue windstorm. It rushed towards them, but even Kenneth's heavy life vitality shield couldn't resist it.

Kenneth was undoubtedly powerful, but even he was afraid of the space windstorm.

Patrick and Rocher would probably be burned to ashes if they ever came close to it.

Thus, even Kenneth was shocked for a second. He wondered why this space windstorm had penetrated his life vitality shield without any difficulty at all.

He was dumbfounded, while Rocher and Patrick were white as a sheet with fright.

They were the top geniuses of Cloud Sect and had more than enough experience. They had lived in all kinds of crises and even survived challenges on the edge of life and death.

However, they didn't want to die with any grievances. It was just unfortunate that they were blocked by the space windstorm when they passed the transmission array.

The three of them stared blankly at the space windstorm that shot into Zen's eyes. Would it make his head explode?

After a while, something strange happened. After the space windstorm shot into Zen's orbs, he didn't react at all, but a blue light shone in his bright eyes.

"What's going on?"

"Zen, are you okay?"

Rocher and Patrick rushed to Zen to see if he was fine, but they were still afraid that their voices would alert the dense space windstorm of their presence.

Meanwhile, Zen's eyes were blank. He had heard Rocher's and Patrick's calls, but he only reacted after a while.

"I don't know what happened…I just stared at this space windstorm, and that's it," he said hesitantly.

He randomly stared at it for no reason, but was that it?

Patrick and Rocher didn't believe him at all.

However, Zen indeed didn't do anything. He was just curious about the space windstorm and wanted to check if it had hidden secrets.

But, he was abruptly lost in a trance. It felt like he had understood everything in life. It was like when one suddenly found out the solution and completely understood the obscure arithmetic rules, and then solved the complicated subject in one go.

There was a pause before Zen spoke.

"It seems that I…have understood a little about the space windstorm. I found the rules for their arrangement, but I can't see clearly…" Zen continued to speak with uncertainty and a blank look in his eyes, but he realized that some things had changed.

The space windstorm was originally a mess made from countless blue space lines, like a streak of lightning. However, Zen had now seen that

were too few. It was quite hard to master the space rules depending on the stone inscription. Only two or three out of one thousand people who had entered the Sumeru Space had mastered the few space rules.

Those one thousand people were strong enough to have completed such a difficult task, so they qualified to enter the Sumeru Space.

They were much, much more powerful than Kenneth. Each of them were so perfectly talented.

It could be said that the space rule was quite precious. It would be a great help for Kenneth if he could comprehend some space rules. So many cultivators more powerful than him scrambled for it.

However, today, he took Zen to the transmission array for the first time, and Zen understood it.

It was no surprise that Kenneth was really jealous of Zen for a second. He didn't know if he was jealous of Zen's luck or talent.

Zen was at only grade 3 of the nature level, but he had the sword spirit avatar and comprehended some space rules. Kenneth wondered what he did when his cultivation was of the same grade. It was safe to say that this man was abnormal and his extraordinary skills would make anybody jealous.

"Sir, Zen said that he had seen some rules. What are they?" Rocher asked.

He was curious when he saw the astonished look in Kenneth's eyes.

"Ehem," Kenneth simply coughed and decided not to explain to them. The trial on the Cloud Road was about to start. If he mentioned the space rule, it would just frustrate Rocher and Patrick and impact their performances. It was better not to say anything...

Just then, it got increasingly brighter in the front. Kenneth seized the chance to change the topic and announced, "Get ready. We're arriving!"

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