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   Chapter 531 I Will Protect You (Part Two)

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"Master Shi," Zen stood and greeted him with a salute.

To acknowledge Zen's greeting, Kenneth nodded and said, "I think you have heard what that man said."

"Yes, I did," Zen replied with a nod.

"That man is so powerful that I dare not go against his orders, so I can do nothing but take Yan away and hand her over to him. I hope that you won't blame me for not looking out for Yan's safety, Zen," Kenneth said while shaking his head as a show of extreme helplessness regarding the current situation.

"Master Shi, you're thinking too much. How can I blame you for this?" Zen responded.

He shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

"While I fully support you in your vow with your loyalty to martial arts to put him to death, let me remind you that it is quite challenging to kill him... In the Central Region, there are still several people who can be paired up to fight that man, but it might be impossible to find someone to kill him," Kenneth sighed.

No one in the Central Region was powerful enough to kill him?

When Kenneth said this, Zen was slightly surprised before he realized that the man was indeed a top strongman in the Central Region.

There were distinctions between winners and losers in top strongmen's fights. But killing their opponents in these battles was a little difficult for them. After all, warriors were neither timber piles nor beasts. Aside from their exceptional strength, top strongmen were skilled at fleeing and dodging. When two top strongmen fought with each other, it was extremely hard for either of them to kill the other if anyone ever tried to escape.

Other than being shocked, Zen's eyes didn't dim at the information fed to him

from the Cloud Hall.

In the early morning of the following day, Yan was set to leave. As she stood on the Bluesky Parking Ground, Yan turned back from time to time while heading towards the chariot. Judging by her eyes, it was evident that she was reluctant to leave her brother Zen.

With one foot already on the staircase extending towards the enormous flying chariot, Yan abruptly turned around, ran over to her brother and gave him a bear hug.

Since she was ten years old, she and Zen had been seldom together. After this separation, the two didn't know when they would meet again, or if they even would.

Parting was just a matter of time. Although she was reluctant to leave, Yan finally stepped aboard the huge flying chariot, which ascended slowly towards the sky.

Staring through the glass window of the huge flying chariot, Yan sat there still in a daze. On the other side of the glass, Zen gently waved his hand and then assumed a pose.

His posture was quite familiar to Yan, who had seen it in Hell Mountain. So, naturally, Yan understood what this indicated.

It meant 'I will protect you!'

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