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   Chapter 530 I Will Protect You (Part One)

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Deep inside, Zen thought that as the massive face went away, he sneered at him.

When a cultivator made so incredible cultivation achievements, he would occupy an unimaginably high position. For such a cultivator, feminine charms were probably not that important.

No matter how many women he wanted, he could have them anytime and all the time.

Rather than attach great importance to Yan's appealing looks, he attempted to take her virginity only for the Lustful Demon Array and cultivation.

Perhaps, this person had the wrong impression when he saw Zen holding Yan in his arms. But, great men like him were quite indifferent to people like Zen, whose existence was like that of ants.

The final sneer he gave reflected disdain, contempt, indifference and disregard.

It wasn't until the massive face was out of sight that Yan finally raised her head. Even she was shocked by her own reactions. It had been a long time since something terrified her. But maybe she only seemed fragile because she was with her elder brother.

"Brother, what shall we do?

I don't want to be captured and taken away by him!" Yan said anxiously.

She looked seriously worried about the possible things that would happen to her.

And her brother was helpless to make her stop thinking about it.

In truth, it was even impossible for him to take Yan away from Cloud Sect. First of all, based on Zen's current strengths, he was no match for Kenneth. Second, the person projecting the enormous face in the sky had left imprints on Yan's body. It might be impossible for them to elude this man in the case that Zen managed to escape with his sister.

"Yan, that man will do nothing to you before you reach the Internal Elixir Realm through cultivations. Now, what you have to do is wait," Zen s

fulfilled his promise.

Thus, very few warriors were willing to swear with their loyalty or dedication to martial arts.

Nonetheless, it was clear to Zen that the master with that enormous face had already become a barrier to him, the one that he must clear if he ever wanted to reach the peak of martial arts. Whether Zen swore to do that or not had no difference because he was aware that he would be able to achieve greater things in martial arts as long as he killed that man.

And he made that vow only because he expected to set his little sister's mind at rest and ease her worries.

"Bam! Bam! Bam!"

As he descended from the sky, Kenneth clapped his hands loudly. Aura was beside him. Before this, the princess was on the hillside, but when she sighted the weird image in the sky and heard the enormous face speak, Aura naturally knew that the face appeared because of Yan. So, she rushed over by taking a flying chariot.

"Well, that's great. Well done!

Cloud Sect disciples are, without a doubt, heroic.

Aura, you truly have an eye for choosing such an excellent disciple for Drizzle Peak!" Kenneth declared.

The laughter that followed echoed everywhere.

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